Kamal Haasan Tweets Send Fans, Opponents, People Into Tizzy

Indian film actor, director, screen writer, playback singer and lyricist, who largely focuses on Tamil cinema, has been tweeting and commenting on several controversial issues.

Chennai: Actor Kamal Haasana��s tweets a�?Ia��m the Chief Ministera�? and a�?Will make a statement. Please have patience.a�? on Tuesday night have kindled speculation among the chatterati and fans that he must be nursing ambitions of entering politics.

After a few minutes, he again tweeted, a�?I will revolt if Ia��m defeated. If I think Ia��m the Chief Minister, I will be. The one who fights against stupidity is a leader, join me.a�?

This has only added grist to the mill, even as his contemporary and actor Rajinikanth too has expressed intentions of entering politics, though he is yet to provide any details.

Whether Kamal Haasan is serious or not, he has, of late, been courting controversies with his statements and tweets on many issues.

Recently, a right wing fringe party, Hindu Makkal Katchi filed a complaint against the actor, host of Bigg Boss in Tamil, alleging that the show was against Tamil culture. The party demanded arrest of the actor and also a ban on the show. Responding, Kamal said,A�a�?I am a law abiding person and have belief in the legal system of our country. And law will protect me.a�? Many ministers are also stated to be angry with Kamal Haasan over the way he has been hosting the Bigg Boss show.

Before this incident, he had made controversial remarks on Mahabharata,A�”In Mahabharata, Panchali was usedA�as a pawn while the men gambled. She was used as collateral. And India is a country that respects and honours a book that revolves around men using a woman to gamble away, as if she was a mere object.” A PIL has been filed against the actor for his alleged derogatory remarks.

However, Kamal Haasan clarified through a press release that he his tweets are to entertain his fans and also to let them know that he will be the brand ambassador for Tamil Talaiwas team in Pro Kabaddi Leaguea��s fifth season.

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