Kamal Haasan Threatens To Quit If GST On Films Is Not Slashed

Superstar Kamal has threatened to quit the film industry if the proposed GST is not halved to 12-15 per cent instead of 28 per cent on entertainment sector.

Chennai: Actor Kamal Hassan demanded that the Centre lower the GST rate for the film industry to at least half. While welcoming the GST on entertainment industry, he criticized the government for slapping it with heavy tax. Addressing a press conference in the film chamber at Chennai on Saturday, he said the regional film industry would take a severe beating as a result of the Centrea��s decision.

a�?I would be forced to quit my profession, if the tax is not slashed to about 12 to 15 percent,a�? the actor threatened. Saying that he cannot afford the tax pegged at 28 percent, he said he would have to quit the industry under the new circumstances.

The new tax regime would ruin the industry, he observed. Expressing anguish over the way the tax imposed, he wanted to know whether there was East India Company or the government (at the helm).

The prestigious GST will come into force from next month.A� For the entertainment industry, the tax will be replaced by a single 28 per cent slab.

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