Kala’s Open Letter To Jagan On Meeting Modi

AP TDP president Kala Venkatarao wrote an open letter to YSR Congress chief Jagan asking him to reveal the agenda behind his meeting with PM Modi.

Amaravati: Telugu Desam AP unit president and Minister for Energy, K Kala Venkata Rao, on Saturday wrote an open letter to YSR Congress president Y S Jagan Mohan Reddy asking him to reveal the agenda behind his meeting Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The TDP chief wanted to know why Jagan had visited Delhi keeping his appointment with Modi as secret till the last minute. He also wanted to know if the memorandum that was released to the media after the meeting was actually submitted to the Prime Minister or not. He wanted to know why the issue of special category status was at the end of the note and not in the beginning if the YSR Congress was fighting for it. He also sought to remind Jagan of the promise to make all YSR Congress MPs to resign on the special category status demand. He wondered how Jagan could support the NDA in the Presidential elections if its MPs quit their posts.

Drawing comparison between Jagan and Vijay Mallya, the TDP leader alleged that half of the corruption cases against Jagan were proved as all his properties were already attached. He wondered how an economic criminal could meet the Prime Minister but for his MLA post. He also wanted to know whether the Prime Minister had asked for the YSR Congress support for the Presidential elections. If not, what made Jagan to announce it if it was not to save himself from the CBI cases.

The TDP chief pooh-poohed Jagana��s claims on the special category status and his partya��s commitment to the issue as being claimed. He felt that Jagan had exposed his sincerity in politics and to special category status demand in his visit to the national capital and maintained that people would not take him seriously henceforth.

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