Kakinada Municipal Elections: TDP a��BJP to Sweep

TDP and its ally BJP will win nearly 28 seats in the Municipal elections of Kakinada which were held on Tuesday.

Kakinada: After 12 years, elections were conducted for Kakinada Municipality which witnessecA�61.5% turn out for 48 divisions in 192 polling stations. Election results will be announced on September 1st.

There was complaint from voters about a�?NOTAa�� which was not implemented in EVM, but the election authorities confirmed that NOTA is still not being implemented in local municipal elections.

As per reports, 10th division recorded highest turn out with 80% and 4th division recorded lowest with 36%.

TDP-BJP combine contested in 48 divisions, same with YCP and Congress in 17 divisions.

Out of 50 divisions, elections were held only for 48 divisions and the exit poll survey by our sources is as follows.

TDP:A� 28 to 30

BJP:A� 3-4

YCP: 12-14

The result of Nandyal certainly showed impact on Kakinada local elections, along with this, there was split in Kapu voters after CM Naidu announced Mayor Post for Kapu community. Money power was seen in large by ruling party for these elections and nearly 1500rs to 2000rs was spent per vote in this elections once again proving that money played key role.



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