Kadiyam Srihari Suffers Mild Sun Stroke

Deputy Chief Minister Kadiyali Srihari has become unconscious in the middle of Telangana State formation day celebrations and had to be given first aid. He recovered and stayed back till the function was over.

Hyderabad:A� As the whole State was celebrating the Telangana Formation Day, a small incident created panic at the Parade Grounds in Secunderabad. It is here that the official celebrations were going on and everyone was busy with the events and arrangements.

The Deputy Chief Minister Kadiyam Srihari, who was addressing the meeting, suddenly suffered a mild sunstroke. He became unconscious. Before panic struck, the securityA� personnel quickly shifted him to his vehicle.

After giving first aid and needed medical treatment, the Deputy CM has recovered. Instead of staying in his vehicle after recovery, Srihari went back to the dais and concluded his speech. He chose to wait until the celebrations were completed instead of getting admitted to the hospital.

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