Did Justice Karnan Seek Review Of His Sentence?

The most controversial judge Justice CS Karnan, who was sentenced by the Supreme Court, is not only missing from his official residence in Kolkata but also from his native State. The police who are cautious about the whole matter could not trace him till now.

New Delhi: The controversial High Court judge and the first sitting judge to be sentenced for contempt- Justice CS Karnan was not found by police teams. Two teams, one from West Bengal and another from Tamil Nadu could not reach Justice Karnan, who was said to be in Chennai until Wednesday morning.

The Supreme Court recently handed him six months jail sentence and asked the police to arrest him immediately. Even media was asked not to cover his judgements. But by the time police reached Justice Karnana��s house, he was gone. The security told them that he left for Chennai that morning itself.

Justice Karnan was at loggerheads with the Supreme Court for quite some time. Sources close to him say that Justice Karnan wanted to seek the intervention of the President to order his bail on medical grounds.

While some are speculating that he might have left India. However, his counsel said that he is in India.

As the cops tried hard to find him, Karnan reportedly sought review of his imprisonment ordered by the Supreme Court on Tuesday.
Meanwhile, a team of Kolkata Police reached Chennai looking for Karnan, who was suspected to have left Chennai.

A source said that Karnan may have flown to France where his son works. The police are cautiously proceeding in the matter as Justice Karnan is a sitting judge and they dona��t want to get into any trouble, said police sources.

The police who was tracking his phone last tracked him to Andhra Pradesh, where he handed his phone to a close aide. As certain permissions are also needed to track his phone, probing officers have not taken that step officially, said some police sources.
Teams of three states a�� West Bengal, Chennai and Andhra Pradesh are putting a coordinated effort.

The unprecedented ruling by Supreme Court stated that Justice Karnan to be treated like an ordinary citizen of the country and not like sitting judge in this case. He was also found guilty of abusing the judiciary and indulging in judicial indiscretion. The Chief Justice of India noted that contempt is contempt.

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