Did Justice Karnan Seek Review Of His Sentence?

The most controversial judge Justice CS Karnan, who was sentenced by the Supreme Court, is not only missing from his official residence in Kolkata but also from his native State. The police who are cautious about the whole matter could not trace him till now.

New Delhi: The controversial High Court judge and the first sitting judge to be sentenced for contempt- Justice CS Karnan was not found by police teams. Two teams, one from West Bengal and another from Tamil Nadu could not reach Justice Karnan, who was said to be in Chennai until Wednesday morning.

The Supreme Court recently handed him six months jail sentence and asked the police to arrest him immediately. Even media was asked not to cover his judgements. But by the time police reached Justice Karnan’s house, he was gone. The security told them that he left for Chennai that morning itself.

Justice Karnan was at loggerheads with the Supreme Court for quite some time. Sources close to him say that Justice Karnan wanted to seek the intervention of the President to order his bail on medical grounds.

While some are speculating that he might have left India. However, his counsel said that he is in India.

As the cops tried hard to find him, Karnan reportedly sought review of his imprisonment ordered by the Supreme Court on Tuesday.
Meanwhile, a team of Kolkata Police reached Chennai looking for Karnan, who was suspected to have left Chennai.

A source said that Karnan may have flown to France where his son works. The police are cautiously proceeding in the matter as Justice Karnan is a sitting judge and they don’t want to get into any trouble, said police sources.

The police who was tracking his phone last tracked him to Andhra Pradesh, where he handed his phone to a close aide. As certain permissions are also needed to track his phone, probing officers have not taken that step officially, said some police sources.
Teams of three states – West Bengal, Chennai and Andhra Pradesh are putting a coordinated effort.

The unprecedented ruling by Supreme Court stated that Justice Karnan to be treated like an ordinary citizen of the country and not like sitting judge in this case. He was also found guilty of abusing the judiciary and indulging in judicial indiscretion. The Chief Justice of India noted that contempt is contempt.

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Controversial Justice Karnan’s Plea Turned Down by Supreme Court

The apex court has refused the plea of former Calcutta High Court Judge CS Karnan, who had sought bail and recall of the order convicting him for contempt.

New Delhi: A plea by controversial Calcutta High Court Judge CS Karnan, seeking an urgent hearing, was refused by the Supreme Court on Monday. Justice Karnan (62) had sought bail and recall of the order convicting him for contempt of the apex court.

The controversial sitting judge had evaded arrest after the top court sentenced him on May 9 to six months’ jail for contempt of court. In the interim, Justice Karnan retired and was arrested by the West Bengal CID in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, on June 20.

According to reports, a two-member bench comprising Chief Justice JS Khehar and Justice DY Chandrachud said, “Declined. We will not accept an oral request against the judgement.”

However, Mathews J Nedumpara, representing Justice Karnan in the court, pleaded that since the judge was serving a jail term, his petition needed to be heard on an urgent basis. Justice Karnan has been complaining about his health from the day he arrived at the jail post his arrest. He complained of chest pain on the very day he was jailed and was admitted to SSKM Hospital. He was sent back to jail after his condition improved.

The apex court held him guilty of contempt of court for his comments against Chief Justice of India and other judges of the highest judiciary on June 12. He was the first sitting judge to be awarded a jail term by the Supreme Court and also the first to go absconding.

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Absconding Justice Karnan Arrested in Coimbatore

Justice Karnan who was sentenced for 6 months by Supreme Court for contempt of court was arrested at Coimbatore on Tuesday.
Absconding Justice Karnan Arrested in Coimbatore

Coimbatore:  Kolkota High Court Judge who was absconding for more than a month after Supreme Court sentenced him for six months was finally arrested in Coimbatore today.

When a team of West Bengal police tried to arrest Karnan, he tried to resist and argued with the police, however he was taken into custody forcibly by the police. He was traced by phone callas as per CID.

Karnan’s tenure ended on June 12th and he became first judge to have in absentia.

He was issued an arrest warrant by Supreme Court for his defamatory remakrs on Top court collegiums system. Earlier, he was ordered by seven judge Special bench of SC to undergo mental health check up which was refused by Karnan by saying he is normal.

Justice Karnan became the first High Court judge in the history of Indian judiciary after he appeared in Supreme Court on March 31st.

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Justice Karnan Retires While Absconding

Justice Karnan of Calcutta High Court who has been in news for wrong reasons has retired from service on Monday while absconding thus denying himself the honours due to a retiring judge.

Kolkata: Is Justice CS Karnan of the Kolkata High Court going to be the first Indian judge to retire while at large?

Born on June 12, 1955 he is retiring from judicial services on Monday. The judge has reportedly been absconding since the Supreme Court ordered his arrest on May 9.

He went underground since then forcing the West Bengal police to arrive at Chennai where the judge was reported to have interacted with journalists on May 9. The police had also been to Srikalahasti , a pilgrim place in Andhra Pradesh, in search of Karnan.

In the wake of SC’s order, Karnan would miss formal retirement honours that a retiring HC judge will be generally be treated with.

Justice Karnan moved the National Commission for SCs and STs, complaining of harassment by his colleagues. In the developments that followed the Supreme Court ordered him to undergo psychiatric tests. He refused to submit himself to the doctors saying that there is nothing wrong with him and the judges of the apex court who order psychiatric test should in fact submit themselves to the examination by doctors.

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SC Refuses To Grant Relief To Justice Karnan

Justice Karnan, controversial judge of Calcutta High Court who was sentenced to six month’s imprisonment, was refused any relief by the apex court.

New Delhi: The Supreme Court on Wednesday rejected to grant relief to the controversial Calcutta High Court judge CS Karnan in the contempt of court case. It is known that Justice Karnan was sentenced to six months imprisonment by the apex court last month.

As Justice Karnan was found guilty of contempt of court on May 9, the top court, awarding jail term to him, directed the Director General of West Bengal Police to constitute teams for the execution of the order.

The apex court also refused to entertain the plea by Justice Karnan seeking a stay and a review.

After this, he filed a mercy plea before President Pranab Mukherjee seeking the stay.

Justice Karnan caught the limelight when he had taken on the top judiciary with his letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi accusing various judges and officers of the Madras High Court of corruption.

The Supreme Court initiated contempt proceedings against Justice Karnan on February 8 and restrained him from performing judicial and administrative work. He is set to retire this month.

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Supreme Court Sentences Justice Karnan For Contempt Of Court

The apex court in an unprecedented order sentenced Justice Karnan for six months imprisonment for contempt of court. The court ordered that he must be arrested immediately.

New Delhi: In an unprecedented order the Supreme Court of India has sentenced Calcutta High Court judge Justice Karnan on Tuesday. The apex court sentenced him to six months for contempt. Justice Karnan will be arrested on Tuesday. He was guilty of contempt of court.

The apex court ordered his immediate arrest.

Justice Karnan is at loggerheads with the Supreme Court since a long time. The court last week ordered the medical tests of Justice Karnan by a medical board which he refused to undergo and called the order of the apex court a mad order by mad judges.

Karnan, 59, is the first sitting HC judge to be convicted of contempt and sent to prison. A seven-judge bench led by Chief Justice of India JS Khehar passed the order.

Justice Karnan, who is a Dalit is alleged to be banking upon his caste to save himself. He accused Justice Khehar and seven other SC judges of discrimination and corruption.

Justice Karnan against whom contempt proceedings were initiated was supposed to appear before Supreme Court on last Monday. But he had defied the orders of the Court as he had done before.

A bench consisting of seven judges headed by Chief Justice of India J S Khehar directed the DGP of West Bengal to constitute a team to take Justice Karnan for examination by a medical board on May 4. The board was directed to submit its report by May 8 and posted the matter for May 9.

The Supreme Court stripped the judicial and administrative powers off of Justice Karnan on February 8. He was set to retire in June this year.

As Karnan defied the apex court, it had issued an arrest warrant against him, to ensure his presence before it on March 31 in a contempt case.

However, Justice Karnan refusing the apex court orders hit out saying that they have no locus standi to issue a bailable warrant against a sitting judge and alleged that he was being targeted for being a Dalit.

He also issued an order of registration of a case under SC, ST (prevention of Atrocities) Act, 1989 against the Chief Justice of India Justice JS Khehar and six other judges.

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Justice Karnan Refuses To Be Examined By Doctors As Directed By SC

Controversial judge of Kolkata High Court Justice Kannan refused to undergo medical tests as directed by the apex court calling the order mad.

Kolkata: Claiming that he is mentally fit, Calcutta High Court Judge Justice CS Karnan on Wednesday refused to undergo medical examination ordered by the apex court. He described it as a “mad order passed by mad judges.”
When a four-member medical team from a government hospital wanted to examine him, he said that he is quite normal and has a stable mind. Expressing the same in writing, he said that,”My strong view about the Supreme Court order is that it amounts to insult and harassment towards the judge (myself).”

He also denied the test claiming that guardian’s consent is required for such an examination and as his family members are not present, there is no such consent. So no medical test can be held.

A seven-judge SC bench headed by Chief Justice Jagdish Singh Khehar on Monday directed the constitution of a medical board to examine Karnan on May 4 and submit the evaluation report on May 8.

Karnan has been locking horns with the apex court for over three months. He is also facing contempt charges for degrading the judiciary and making allegations of corruption against various SC judges.

As per apex court order, a four-member team of doctors along with police went to Justice Karnan’s residence on Wednesday morning.

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Justice Karnan Once Again Defies Apex Court; Passes Similar Order Against SC Judges

A defiant judge challenges the Supreme Court judges.
currency ban a succeses, says govt. to Supreme court

Kolkata: The defiant Calcutta High Court Judge CS Karnan, who is locking horns with the apex court, passed a similar order on Monday that the top court has passed against him.

While the Supreme Court ordered for setting up medical board to examine Karnan, the HC judge asked the Delhi Police Commissioner to take the seven judges for a medical test at AIIMs.

“I direct DGP, New Delhi to take the seven accused and produce them to psychiatric medical board attached to AIIMs and conduct medical test,” Justice Karnan said.

He also threatened to issue a suo moto suspension order against West Bengal DGP “if he comes to check my mental health forcefully,” according to a report in the Economic Times.

Since the apex court directed everyone not to take cognizance of his verdicts given after February second week, Karnan’s move may be nullified.

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