Junior NTR Responds To Tax Evasion Notices

Junior NTR expressed his willingness to pay every paisa of the tax once he receives the notices.

Hyderabad: Actor Jr. NTR, who has received notices from Union Finance Ministry for evading tax, responded on Saturday. The Comptroller and Auditor General or CAG report said that the actor claimed tax exemption on the grounds of ‘export of service.’

NTR said that ‘Nannaku Prematho’ film was shot in London in 2015 and as he was told that the service tax would not be applicable to a film shot abroad, he did not collect that tax from the producers. He revealed that his auditors responded to the notices issued by CAG in 2016 and later he did not receive any official orders and notices.

NTR also clarified that he had been paying income tax and service tax, respecting the law. He also declared that he was ready to pay every paisa of the tax if he gets orders from the officials. He said he always obey the law and that he never ignores his legal responsibilities as a responsible citizen.

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