Judgment angers Blacks in Ferguson

  • Not finding evidence against white officer was seen as injustice
  • Blacks move away from mainstream yet again
  • Obama appeals for calm

(Venkata Kondubhatla)

Washington, November 28: Ferguson, MO., went into flames on Monday after the grand jury announced its verdict on a recent police shooting that killed one black person.


Countrywide protests followed after the released judgment said that the jury had not found any evidence against the white police officer, Darrel Wilson.

a�?There are some Americans who agree with the decision and there are some Americans who are deeply disappointed and even angry,a�? said president Obama in a press conference on Monday. He pleaded that the disappointed have to remain calm.


Governor Jay Nixon

Governor Jay Nixon, who had arrived Ferguson hours before the announcement, said that his team has taken appropriate measures to control any violent protests.

As many as 54 people have been arrested in Ferguson after the announcement and Tuesday night seemed relative calmer than that of Mondaya��s.

The shooting has ignited racial tensions not only in the town of Ferguson but across the country. Hundreds of people gathered to protest against the judgment in cities like New York, Los Angeles.

The announcement came after three months of listening to eyewitnesses and deliberations among the 12-member grand jury, which comprised nine white and three black jurors.

Ferguson3-28The eyewitnessesa�� testimonies were across the spectrum. One end of the spectrum was that Michael Brown was charging toward the officer when he was shot, other end was that he was totally succumbed and his hands were up when he was shot.

Contradicting witnesses and no physical proof against Mr. Wilson made the case so complicated and resulted in the final judgment.

The case has manifested how much of duality still exist in the country.

Many of the African-Americans appear to have lost faith in courts, jurisprudence and the system itself, which is one more time evident through this incident. a�?No justicea�? was the common slogan seen in the protests.

Such incidents have taken more and more blacks away from the system. Faith plays a vital role in anybodya��s participation in the system a�� education, employment and paying taxes, which are essential to winch the blacks up from poverty.

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