Judges Appointing Judges Not Acceptable: JP

Hyderabad: People should get speedy justice and only then they will have respect for judiciary, said Dr N Jayaprakash Narayan, founder of Loksatta. He was speaking at a mute court proceedings organized at Minerva Coffee Shop here on Sunday on the topic: Law School 101…Crescendo 2016. He expressed utter dissatisfaction with the way the judiciary in India has been functioning. The method of judges appointing judges is not in vogue anywhere in the world except in our country, he commented.

The apex judiciary is acting in dictatorial manner and this is not good for democracy, Dr Jayaprakash opined. There are more than 3 crore cases pending in courts across the country. If the courts cannot dispense justice in a time-bound way and take keep taking  decades to hear and decide cases, the people would lose faith completely in judiciary, he warned. JP has later presented mementos to law students. Advocates Rajasekhar Josula, Pawan Kallem, Satyendra Singh, Sunil Neelakanthan, Sloke, Vennela Krishna and other participated in the programme.

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