Jeevitha Clarifies About Her a�?Relativea��s Arresta��

As news linking Jeevitha to the man who tried to exchange old notes worth seven crores of rupees spread, the actress came out and clarified that he is not her relative.

Hyderabad: Actress Jeevitha denied the news that her relative Srinivasa Rao got arrested while exchanging old notes worth a�? 7 crore.A�Clarifying that she doesna��t know who this this Srinivasa Rao is, she told the media that it is Ravi who works for them.

Expressing concern that false stories are being circulated while her brother is getting treated in the hospital, she clarified that the person who was arrested is in no way related to her.

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As the government has given one more chance to deposit old notes in banks, a person named Srinivasa Rao was arrested while exchanging a�? 7 crores. Rumours did rounds that he was Jeevithaa��s relative. Some went to the extent that Srinavasa Rao is related to her brother Ravi. In this context, Jeevitha came forward and gave clarity over the issues. Presently Srinivasa Rao is in police custody.

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Meanwhile, according the directions issued by the Central government, one can deposit the old notes in banks, post offices, district cooperative central banks. It gave one month time to do so.

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