JC Ruckus At Vizag Airport: Naidu Seeks Explanation

AP CM Naidu sought TDP MP Diwakar Reddya��s explanation after the Vizag airport incident was taken up by the national media.

Amaravati: It is an absolutely hectic and headache day for AP CM Naidu who was busy with Corodination meet with party leaders. He took action against MLC Deepak Reddy and reviewed the political scene before by-poll in Nandyala.

Finally, Naidu sacked MLC Deepak Reddy from the party, but within no time, Deepaka��s uncle MP Diwakar Reddya��s ruckus at Vizag airport has become a hot topic on national TV news channels.

Diwakar Reddy who has to leave for Hyderabad in Indigo airlines from Vizag reached airport at 7.41 am with the flight scheduled to depart at 8.05 am. He came to know through Indigo staff that Boarding Pass counter has been closed and told the MP that he will be accommodated in next flight.

Immediately Diwakar Reddy became angry and started abusing the staff, tried to break the printer which was on the table. Then he pushed an employee into a cabin and bolted the door. The footage shown by TV channels proved that he assaulted an employee. He spoke to Union Civil Aviation Minister Ashok Ganapatiraju Raju who was present at Vizag airport at that time. The minister has spoken to some one and the MP got a boarding pass and travelled to Hyderabad by the same flight.

This incident came to Naidua��s notice when he was in the middle of the coordination meeting.
Naidu has asked the MP to give an explanation for the rowdy act.

Diwakar Reddy immediately attended press conference and said that he did not misbehave with anyone. He further said that if flight is still there, why did the staff close the boarding pass counter?

When a reporter questioned MP that CCTV footage clearly shows that he misbehaved with the staff, Diwakar Reddy became angry on that reporter and asked him to forget about the CCTV footage and his word is final.

The incident happened when Aviation Minister Ashok Gajapathi Raju was inside airport. Minister was scheduled to travel from Vizag to Vijayawada.

Neither the minister tried to stop JC’s ruckus nor intervene on behalf of the aggrieved staff. This led to severe criticism against Ashok Gajapathi Raju.

Now strict rules againt the unruly passengers were implemented by Airlines after Shiva Sena MP Gaekwad misbehaved with Air India staff few months ago.

Will JC becomes the first MP to get the a�? NO-FLYa�? slap?

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  1. July 10, 2017

    […] It may be recalled that various airlines had announced a ban on the TDP MP from flying on their aircraft. This was after he had created a ruckus last month when representatives of IndiGo refused to issue him a boarding pass, as he had arrived “very late” at the Visakhapatnam Airport on June 15. Enraged, Diwakar reportedly shouted at the staff, pushed a senior IndiGo official aside and apparently tried to smash a printer on the floor.   More: JC Ruckus At Vizag Airport: Naidu Seeks Explanation […]

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