JC Episode Embarrasses Party Chief And Civil Aviation Minister

The TDP MP JC Diwakar Reddy against who five major airlines including Air India have imposed ban has become a headache to the party president and also the civil aviation minister, as no disciplinary action is taken against him.

Hyderabad: JC Diwakar Reddy’s episode is embarrassing AP Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu. It is learnt that he intervened to control the damage and is said to have instructed JC to apologise to the Indigo staff. It is also learnt that Naidu has sent another Rajya Sabha member CM Ramesh to Diwakar’s residence to convince him to tender apology.

Diwakar Reddy who has to leave for Hyderabad in Indigo Airlines from Vizag reached the airport at 7.41 am with the flight scheduled to depart at 8.05 am. He came to know through Indigo staff that Boarding Pass counter has been closed and told the MP that he will be accommodated in next flight.

Boarding Pass Counter is generally closed 45 minutes prior to scheduled time of flight.

Immediately, Diwakar Reddy became angry and started abusing the staff, tried to break the printer which was on the table. Then he pushed an employee into a cabin and bolted the door. The footage shown by TV channels proved that he assaulted an employee. He spoke to Union Civil Aviation Minister Ashok Ganapatiraju Raju who was present at Vizag airport at that time. The minister has spoken to someone and the MP got a boarding pass and travelled to Hyderabad by the same flight.

Incidentally, it was the day when his nephew Deepak Reddy who was arrested in connection with a land scam in Hyderabad was sacked by the TDP chief.

Protesting against the high-handed and rude behaviour of the MP, Go Air, Air Asia India, Air India, Spice Jet, Jet Airways, and Indigo imposed a ban on JC.

Though an investigation was on in the episode, allegations were levelled against the Civil Aviation Minister Ashok Gajapatiraju, that he was going soft on his party MP.

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What AP needs is money, not status

S Madhusudhana Rao

Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Nara Chandrababu Naidu is caught between a rock and a hard place. On one side is his Telugu Desam Party (TDP) ally Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) that is proving tall on promises and short on fulfilling them, and on the other side are the opposition parties accusing him of not pressurizing the central government enough for Special Status to the residuary Telugu state.


S Madhusudhana Rao

More than a year after bifurcation, AP is struggling to sail on two boats with one foot of its Chief Minister in Hyderabad and the other in the camp capital Vijayawada. The blueprint for new capital city Amaravati is ready; but it needs thousands of crores to take a concrete shape. With state revenue barely meeting employees’ salaries, AP needs massive infusion of central funds to set up a functional capital city with Secretariat, Legislative Assembly, official residences for Governor and Chief Minister and quarters for bureaucrats and government staff. Plus roads, water, power, schools and hospitals and connectivity to nearby cities and towns have to be developed from scratch. The aid the Modi government has given AP so far is peanuts. Once the capital construction begins – expected to be in October – the state needs a continuous flow of aid. If it does not get it in an orderly manner, foundation stones and half built structures will be staring at people and the TDP government.

That is a grim scenario which can come true if the BJP government continues to dodge AP in extending financial aid. The funds were supposed to flow through a Special Status pipeline. At least that had been promised during and after elections. In the aftermath of bifurcation when emotions had been running high in AP for the loss of ‘beloved’ Hyderabad to Telangana, the Special Status came handy for every leader worth his/her salt to douse people’s anger. Chandrababu has built castles in the air based on Special Status and showed the dream capital (better than Hyderabad) to the people of Andhra Pradesh to win their hearts and minds. But, alas, he is at a loss for words now. Despite numerous meetings with Finance Minister Arun Jaitley and Prime Minister Narendra Modi (another is scheduled next week), Chandrababu could not pull it off. The Special Status tag has remained a chimera.

On Tuesday (August 11), Jaitley killed AP’s lingering hope by telling a delegation of Andhra MPs that the centre can’t grant Special Status to that state since there is no such provision in the 14th Finance Commission. But, he assured, the central government would walk an extra mile to help AP tide over its financial crisis and constraints in building its capital city.

In fact, Jaitley and other BJP leaders, including Minister for Urban Development Venkaiah Naidu, have been hinting at no Special Status for AP, citing unconvincing reasons. One argument is there are many other states which are economically worse than AP and the Special Status has to be given to them also if that privilege is given to Andhra Pradesh. But that point has never been countered effectively by AP leaders. The state may not be economically backward but the situation created by bifurcation has made it capital-less and its revenue loss is humongous.

If the central government had made up its mind long ago not to accord Special Status on some specious claim, why it has been flummoxing AP and its people for so many months? Or, is it the Chandrababu Naidu government that has failed to read BJP government’s intentions? Or, both are playing a game to gain political mileage? Whatever the reason may be, Andhra Pradesh, having denied the Special Status, has to wait for funds until the Modi government starts walking an extra mile!

Jaitley’s assurance doesn’t give any confidence to AP simply because such promises made earlier had fallen flat. Not long ago, the architect of bifurcation, Congress president Sonia Gandhi, had said that her party would see to it that no injustice would be done to the residuary Telugu state. Similar view was echoed by her Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and other Congress stalwarts during their parliamentary poll campaign in Andhra Pradesh. If the party was so serious about what they had said, why did it not include the ‘Special Status’ clause in the State Reorganisation Act and make annual budget allocations mandatory?

For that matter, BJP, which was in opposition at that time, could have insisted on ‘status’ inclusion before voting for the bill. Even at a later date, when the BJP came to power and abolished the Planning Commission, it could have addressed the AP issue before setting up the 14th Finance Commission. And, still, it had a chance to right a wrong when it transferred seven mandals under Polavaram from Telangana to AP against the former’s wishes through an ordinance. What all this boils down to is if the BJP government wanted to do justice to AP, it could have done it long ago. Since the centre has not done any such thing, Jaitley’s sweet talk of walking extra mile for AP sounds hollow.

Meanwhile, BJP’s charade has come handy for opposition parties to corner Chandrababu. YSR Congress Party chief Jaganmohan Reddy’s Delhi protest at Jantar Mantar and an all-party Tuesday bandh in AP for Special Status were all aimed at impressing the people that they too are concerned rather than fighting for the cause whole-heartedly. Where were state Congress leaders when the bifurcation process was going on? Could they have not raised the status issue instead of nodding their heads to Sonia tune?

As we say, it’s history. In any case, what’s this ‘Special Status’ everybody is clamouring for and how does it help a state? It will get tax incentives, more share in central government-sponsored schemes, more allocation in plan expenditure and above all liberal central funding. Such measures will boost a state’s growth and in case of economically sick states the Special Status will be a shot in the arm.

Since there is no Special Status provision under BJP government dispensation and it is promising to compensate the state in some other way – modalities are being worked out – through a package which is touted as better than Special Status, the least AP political leaders of all hues could do is to try to clinch a better deal from centre than harping on the Special Status.

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MHA Summons Governor to Discuss Vote-For-Note and Section 8

  • Governor is going to meet Rajnath Singh and president

  • Vote-for-Note case at Crucial juncture


HYDERABAD: Even as Governor Narasimhan rushed to New Delhi on a call from the Union Ministry of Home Affairs, the investigation into the “cash-for-vote” scandal, which is hanging like a Damocles’ Sword on the neck of AP Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu, seemed to be reaching a nail-biting climax.

It is pertinent to recall here how the demand for invoking Section 8 of the AP Reorganization in Hyderabad has triggered off an unprecedented slugfest between the two Telugu States of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana.

Like pouring fuel on the fire, the purported advice of the Mukul Rohatgi, attorney general of India, to the governor in this regard further escalated the war of words between the two states. As the issue led to an acrimonious debate in political and official circles, the union law minister, Sadananda Gowda, made it amply clear that no advice or clarification was given to the governor by the Centre as was being speculated.

Thus, in spite of the attempt by Gowda to soothe the ruffled feelings among the people of both the Telugu States, the sudden call from the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) to the governor from New Delhi for discussions raised many an eyebrow.

Narasimhan, who is the joint governor for both AP and Telangana States, is expected to be in the national capital for two days. He is likely to meet the MHA Officials, including the Union Home Secretary, besides Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh. He is also likely to call on President Pranab Mukherjee.

The MHA and other Central leaders are expected to apprise themselves of the current situation in both the states in the wake of the “cash-for-vote” scandal and the phone-tapping accusations.

After that, the Centre is likely to give necessary guidelines to the governor to prevent the two states from taking a collision course. Thus, the focus is as to what kind of roadmap the Centre would provide to the governor to defuse the prevailing uncertainty in the two Telugu States.

Meanwhile the ACB, which is probing into the political scandal in which TDP MLA Revanth Reddy and two others were arrested on May 31 for allegedly trying to bribe Anglo-Indian nominated MLA Elvis Stephenson during the MLC elections, filed a memo in the ACB Court at Nampally on Thursday seeking possession of hard discs, tapes and the report submitted by the Forensic Science Laboratory (FSL).

The FSL submitted its preliminary report to the ACB Special Court on Wednesday after examining 14 audio and videotapes seized during a sting operation at the residence of the nominated MLA and after the arrest of Revanth Reddy and two others.

Since the report by the FSL is considered as a crucial evidence material, the ACB wanted its possession to pursue its probe to a logical end. Based on the clinching evidence the ACB is claiming to have gathered from the audio and videotapes, notices may likely be issued to few more TDP leaders, including the AP chief minister. (NSS)

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Section 8 Sidelining The Cash-For-Vote Scandal?

  • Phone-tapping did not work

  • Section 8 seems to be working

HYDERABAD: The game plan of AP Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu to divert the attention of the people from the infamous cash-for-vote scandal, involving TDP MLA Revanth Reddy and others, in a desperate move to safeguard the sinking image of his party seemed to have succeeded to some extent.

The controversy over bestowing special powers to Narasimhan, the joint governor of the two Telugu States, by invoking Section 8 enshrined in AP Reorganization Act suddenly took the centre stage by pushing the cash-for-vote scandal to the sidelines.

The focus is now more on how far the governor would go in taking the purported advice given by the Attorney General of India Mukul Rohatgi with regard to invoking Section 8 of APRA for taking over the law and order administration under his control in Hyderabad, the joint capital of the two states.

Suddenly, the political atmosphere in Hyderabad as well as in New Delhi is besieged with debates and discussions by leaders of all hues belonging to various parties, round table discussions and so on, whether the governor could invoke Section 8 or not, and whether such a move warrants in Hyderabad, where the law and order situation undoubtedly is peaceful and well under control.

Both print and electronic media, going gaga over the issue and vying with each other in giving exclusive stories and airing breaking news. The attention is now focused on the latest controversy over Section 8, while the cash-for-vote scam got pushed to the background.

While the popularity graph of TDP has dipped low after the recent MLC elections, there is no denial of the fact that the image of Naidu has taken a beating for worse following the scandal.

As the yellow brigade’s identity in Telangana State was steadily getting decimated with party legislators jumping the fence and joining TRS, the desperate Naidu had tried to rejuvenate the party image by ensuring a victory of the TDP nominee in the MLC elections.

The TDP chief tried to win the MLC seat at any cost even by wooing the MLA electorates with lucre. And TRS Chief Chandrasekhar Rao was hell bent to humiliate his bete noir Naidu by defeating the TDP nominee.

However, Naidu’s plan boomeranged with Revanth Reddy getting caught “Red Handed” while trying to offer money to nominated Anglo-Indian MLA Elvis Stephenson to vote for the TDP nominee.

The scandal has undoubtedly tarnished the image of Naidu. In a face saving attempt, he raised the alleged phone-tapping issue, and when this did not hold much water, he tried to divert the people’s attention by bringing into focus the need for invoking Section 8.

Naidu proclaimed that there was threat to the party leaders and Andhra settlers in Hyderabad. Heeven went to New Delhi and called on Prime Minister Narendra Modi in this regard. He used “Tirupati laddus” as a bait to impress upon the prime minister for invoking Section 8. He also ensured that his cabinet ministers and party leaders go all out to demand the urgent need for bringing the law and order administration under the control of the governor.

Though Naidu seemed to have succeeded in sidetracking the cash-for-vote scandal using Section 8 controversy, as of now, it is to be seen how far he would be able to stretch his luck in trying to save his neck from the chopping block. (NSS)

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Beach Resorts And Amusement Parks to Attract Tourists: Chandrababu

  • Beach tourism and modernization of islands around Vishakapatnam

HYDERABAD: Making tourism one of its key focus areas in the service sector, AP Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu suggested creation of eco-tourism parks in each district.

Holding a review meeting on tourism at Secretariat, the chief minister inquired the status of Hospitality University in Nellore. Highlighting the tourism potential Kadapa District has, Naidu suggested that developing reservoirs at Gandikota and opening them for tourists. This will not only promote tourism, but also increase the passenger traffic at Kadapa Airport, he added.

Naidu directed the officials to develop Nagarjuna Sagar, Nagarjuna Konda and Buddhist monasteries at Amaravati. Modernization of islands, such as Bhavani Island with the help of Singapore companies around the city will attract tourists, the chief minister added. He also suggested organizing the Flamingo festival in Nellore’s Pulicat and Nelapattu and felt that the Kakinada-Konaseema project could generate revenue of 300 crore rupees with an investment of 100 crore rupees.

Officials were asked to explore the possibility of organizing safari rides at zoological parks in Visakhapatnam and Tirupati. For beach-tourism in Visakhapatnam, Naidu said six beaches in the city could be developed theme-wise. He directed the officials to boost Gundavali Palem and Rushikonda.

He also inquired about the status of setting up Madhurawada Amusement park. The officials told the chief minister that 10 companies are keen to start water sports at all the state beaches. They also added that 39 areas were identified that could be groomed as beach resorts.

In order to boost temple-tourism, preparations are underway to organize sound and light shows at Kanipakam, Srikalahasti, Puttaparthi, Annavaram, Simhachalam and so on, officials added.

AP State Planning Board Vice-Chairman Kutumba Rao, Secretary to CM Satish Chandra, Secretary (Tourism) Nirab Kumar Prasad, and other officials were present. (NSS)

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Don’t attack Governor: AP CM cautions his party leaders

HYDERABAD: AP Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu on Friday advised his Cabinet colleagues and Telugu Desam leaders to refrain from making any derogatory or humiliating remarks against Governor Narasimhan.

Even since the cash-for-vote scam surfaced, and the two Telugu states were engaged in a slugfest, the TDP ministers and leaders were targeting the governor with unsavory remarks and comments. This seemed to have irked the Centre, and Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) conveyed its annoyance to Naidu.

Consequently, Naidu cautioned his ministers and party leaders to restrain themselves and not make any statements or comments that would be belittling the governor and his high office.

Reacting to the charge that the TDP ministers were indulging in unsavory remarks against the governor, TDP Minister Ravula Kishore Babu stoutly denied the same and pointed out that the governor, on the other hand, has been the one who had been humiliating them whenever they went to Raj Bhavan to represent against the TRS Government and its leaders with regard to the alleged cash-for-vote episode.

“In fact the governor pointing an accusing finger at me and asking why I had not issued a clarification to a media report published against me,” he explained. (NSS).

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KCR and Chandrababu Naidu step up their efforts against each other

HYDERABAD: Chief Ministers of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh, KCR and Chandrababu Naidu, respectively, on Wednesday stepped up their moves in a determined bid to nail one another in connection with the raging controversy surrounding the cash-for-vote scam.

While Rao held a detailed meeting with the state’s DGP Anurag Sharma and ACB DGP Khan and apprised himself of the probe into the scam and the material gathered so far to implicate his AP counter part, Naidu too, on the other hand, held a series of meetings with senior police officials of his state including DGP Ramudu to speedup investigations with regard to tapping of phones and also about the cases filed against Rao in various police stations alleging intimidation of Christian Associations Federations convener  Muthaiah Jerusalem, an A-4 in ‘note for vote’ case.

Rao is understood to have advised his officials to speed up the investigations and gather the required fool-proof evidences to corner Naidu by implicating him in the scam. It is reliably learnt that the ACB is contemplating to serve notices to AP Chief Minister and also three other TDP leaders, including Union Minister Sujana Chowdhary and Ramesh.

Naidu on his part to take Rao head on in the matter has held an emergency meeting of his Cabinet to take stock of the situation and also seek approval for setting up a Special Investigation Team (SIT) to probe cases filed as his Telangana counterpart. As a matter of fact, he had already decided to set up SIT headed by DIG Iqbal and likely to give the green signal for proceeding ahead once the Cabinet gives its consent. (NSS)

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ACB may serve notice to Naidu anytime

  • Arrest seems imminent

HYDERABAD: The noose around the neck of Telugu Desam Party supremo and AP Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu seemed to be getting tightened in the cash-for-vote scam, and the ACB may serve him with a notice any day for his alleged complicity in the murky deal.

According to informed sources, the investigation by the Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) in the cash-for-vote scam based on inputs secured from questioning of TDP MLA Revanth Reddy and two others, who were arrested and were cooling their heels in the jail, and examination of various tapes containing the purported talk between Anglo-Indian nominated MLA Elvis Stephenson and Naidu, seemed to have provided fool-proof evidence to nail the AP chief minister.

In fact, legal experts opined that based on various judgments of Supreme Court in similar instances in the past, there was no scope for Naidu to escape an imminent arrest despite any attempts to wriggle out of the web on technical grounds.

Even the bleak chances of getting bailed out by the NDA Government at the Centre also diminished, as Prime Minister Narendra Modi seemed to tread cautiously weighing all the pros and cons in the matter.

As the two-week long high-tension and political drama surrounding the scam is fast reaching its climax, the chief ministers of Telangana and AP states were busy planning their respective courses of action. There is no denial of the fact that Telangana Chief Minister Chandrasekhar Rao is hell bent to nail his AP counterpart and accordingly keeping himself apprised of the day-to-day investigations by the ACB.

He held prolonged discussions in this regard with ACB Director-General A.K. Khan, Hyderabad Police Commissioner Mahendar Reddy and other senior police officials.

The issuing of notices to Naidu and subsequent procedures to be taken were stated to have figured during Rao’s meeting with the senior police officials today. The repercussions following the serving of notice to Naidu seemed to have been thoroughly debated.

On the other hand, Naidu too seemed busy charting out his plans by holding discussions with his confidants and senior police officials to wriggle out of the impending unsavory situation. As part of a series of brainstorming sessions with police officials and legal luminaries, he again held a meeting today in which Finance Minister Yanamala Ramakrishnudu and Union Minister Chowdary too participated, besides DGP Ramudu and officers of the ACB and Intelligence wing.

Naidu seemed to be under great stress and tension, which is amply evident from the fact that he had put a blanket ban on visitors, including party leaders, to his residence. He is understood to be suspecting insiders within the party of leaking information leading to the audio and video CDs of the scam surfacing. He also seemed to have stressed at today’s meeting the need to unearth all relevant cases filed against Rao.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Narendra Modi is understood to be keeping himself constantly apprised of the developments in the two Telugu states by getting briefings from Central Intelligence officials.

Modi also discussed the issue with the National Security Advisor Ajit Doval, who is understood to have explained in detail the inputs secured by the Telangana State ACB after getting a brief from ACB Director General Khan. (NSS)

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Bailed out Revanth Reddy performs daughter’s betrothal

HYDERABAD: Telangana TDP MLA A. Revanth Reddy, who was granted 12-hour bail by the Special Judge for ACB Cases in connection with his daughter’s engagement ceremony on Thursday, reached home in the morning and performed the ceremony of Nymisha Reddy with Satyanarayana Reddy at N Convention Hall at Madapur here.

Earlier he came out of the Cherlapally Jail at 6 am and left straight for his Jubilee Hills residence and joined his family. The moment he returned home, his daughter Nymisha burst into tears. He consoled her saying nothing has happened. Moreover, he kept a jovial face all the time and plunged into hectic activity asking all family members and relatives to get ready for the function at 11 am. He performed Nymisha’s engagement with Satyanarayana Reddy in the presence of TDP supremo and Chief AP Chief Minister N. Chandrababu Naidu, his wife Bhuvaneshwari, son Lokesh, Brahmani, AP cabinet ministers and senior leaders of both the Telugu States.

Concealing his agony over his arrest in the bribery case, Revanth Reddy looked cheerful and performed the ceremony in traditional clothes. He introduced his son-in-law-to-be Naidu and his family members.

As the Special court granted daylong bail on condition that he should not talk to the media and mingle with political leaders, Revanth Reddy kept himself away from them. However, the ACB sleuths in plain clothes shadowed him at the function. Three SP rank police officials and ten ACB officials participated in the function. He posed merrily for photographs sitting beside AP Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu and others. The court also barred him from using telephones and intimidating or threatening anyone. (NSS)

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Etela Wants Probe Against Naidu in Revanth’s Case

HYDERABAD: Launching a scathing attack on TDP chief and AP Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu for pressing Revanth Reddy to offer huge amount to nominated MLA Elvis Stephenson to favour Telugu Desam in MLC elections, Finance Minister Etela Rajender today demanded that legal action be initiated against the former for hatching a conspiracy.

Addressing the media along with Energy Minister Jagadish Reddy at Secretariat here, Rajender said Revanth should be stripped off legislator post for his arrest by ACB sleuths while offering 50-lakh rupees to Elvis Stephenson.

With Revanth’s arrest, it was proved that the Telugu Desam is a brokers’ party and its chief was orchestrating ‘dirty politics’ in Telangana using corrupt money from Andhra Pradesh, he said.

Rajender alleged that the Telugu Desam party was known for selling political posts, and it was already exposed that Naidu did so by taking 30 crore rupees from Sujana Chowdhary and CM Ramesh. The people of both Telugu states are keenly watching the nefarious activities of Naidu, he charged.

The finance minister also sought a thorough investigation into the entire episode in which Naidu reportedly spoken with the nominated MLA Stephenson. Rajender also accused Naidu of getting envious as Rao’s Government for making rapid strides in all sectors, he said.

Telangana leaders would not keep quiet if Naidu failed to mend his ways, he warned. (NSS)

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TDP Protected Communal Harmony in Hyderabad

HYDERABAD: AP Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu here on Friday asserted that it was the TDP Government in undivided AP that protected communal harmony and maintained law and order.

Speaking on the resolution on law and order situation in Andhra Pradesh at party held Mahanadu on the third day at Gandipet here, Naidu said the credit for maintaining communal harmony in Hyderabad goes to TDP government only during its tenure.

Criticising Congress rule in the state, Naidu said the erstwhile Cognress Government had utterly failed to maintain law and order during its 10-year rule. During late YSR regime, the TDP lost a prominent leader like Paritala Ravi, he said. He also alleged that red scandal smugglers have nexus with YSRCP leaders.

The AP Chief Minister warned that stern action would be initiated if anybody tried to violate law and order in AP, as peace is the main instrument of development in any State.

To celebrate Godavari Pushkarams in Andhra Pradesh, work was going on feverishly, he said, adding that out of 268 pushkarghats, work has been completed at 248 ghats. He appealed to the people of both Telugu states to celebrate Godavari puskarams enthusiastically.  (NSS)

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Bharat Ratna to Late NTR: Mahanadu Urges Center

  • NTR statue as Lord Sri Krishna

HYDERABAD:  TDP president and AP Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu urged the center to confer “Bharat Ratna” on TDP founder and former chief minister, late N T Rama Rao, who had created history in the Indian politics.

Addressing the party cadre on the second day of Mahanadu at Gandipet here, Naidu said NTR had brought about revolution in agriculture and created history in political field and strove for bringing about unity among opposition parties and brought them on to a single platform.

The Mahanadu passed a resolution urging the center to confer Bharat Ratna Award posthumously to late NTR.

In the resolution, it was also decided to set up a statue of NTR as “Lord Srikrishna” on the banks of the river Godavari. NTR had even begged to help people when Rayalaseema region faced severe drought, the resolution stated.

Naidu said “Dhoti and Sari” scheme would be named as “NTR Dhoti and Sari” scheme for which the TDP Government would allocate 400 crore rupees to help the weavers. Dhotis and saris would be bought from the weavers for distribution among the people under the scheme. NTR always worked for uplift of downtrodden sections and brought recognition to Telugu people in the world arena, he said.

Hindupur MLA and son of late NTR, Nandamuri Balkrishna and Union Minister Pusapati Ashok Gajapati Raju also spoke recalling exemplary services of NTR. (NSS)

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Naidu Lashes Out at KCR and Jagan at Mahanadu

HYDERABAD: Launching a blitzkrieg at TRS and YSRCP, Naidu accused them of coming in the way of development of the residual state, instead of extending cooperation.

Naidu stuck to his guns saying he adopted a strategy for development of two Telugu states. Though the political parties do politics, they should resolve the common issues through discussions for development and welfare of the people, which are key policies of the TDP, he declared.

Turning the tables on his Telangana counterpart Chandrasekhar Rao for trying to take potshots at the TDP, he expressed discontent at the previous Congress Government at the center for unplanned bifurcation that led his State into a deep financial crisis. Naidu threw a challenge to KCR for a debate on Hyderabad development, which helped Telangana become a surplus state.

Making it clear that he is for the welfare of both the states, Naidu maintained that he was pressing the center for the development of both the states as and when he is in the national capital. “Let us sit across the table and find amicable solutions to key issues instead of raking up the issues and expressing differences that are of no use, he suggested.

Naidu also said that besides extending support to statehood for Telangana, the TD requested the previous Congress regime to do justice to residual AP, which is now facing a severe financial crisis and many other problems, he said.

“Though the Congress tried to dump us in both the states, bifurcation blues threw it in the doldrums and bit dust in the two states”, he said extending gratitude to TDP leaders and workers for being with the party.

Naidu also lashed out at YSRCP Chief and Leader of the opposition Jaganmohan Reddy for causing hurdles in the development of the new capital on the land acquisition and related works for politics. However, he warned Reddy of dire consequences for his alleged association with red sanders smugglers. “Jagan failed to respond on the issue as he has connection with such criminal elements”, he charged. (NSS)

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Integrated efforts for Energy Savings: Chandrababu

  • We should become a role model state

HYDERABAD: In order to expedite the Energy Efficiency and Energy Conservation activities (EE & EC) and to involve all sections of the people in an integrated approach, the AP Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu has directed the officials of State Energy Conservation Mission, (SECM) and Energy Department to prepare a comprehensive action plan which paves the way for realizing the expected energy savings.

No doubt, with the consorted efforts of the administrative machinery, AP State stood first in the country in the implementation of LED Bulb distribution under DELP scheme and replacement of ordinary street lights with LED street lights, Naidu said.

But, one should not satisfy with this, we should become one of the role model states in the world, he said.

Recognizing the consistent efforts of state government in implementing DELP scheme and for creating LED revolution in the state, Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE), has sanctioned a grant of 50 Lakh rupees in the first phase towards creating awareness on energy conservation.

On this occasion, Sai Prasad, secretary to chief minister, Ajay Jain, secretary, Energy and I&I Department, along with Chandrasekhar Reddy, CEO for SECM, have submitted the check, received from BEE, to Naidu, at AP Secretariat.

Recalling the history created by Self Help Groups of Andhra Pradesh in community savings, Naidu has directed the officials to utilize their services in promotion of energy savings both in rural and urban areas for realizing the targeted goals in energy conservation for the benefit of the state and as well as individuals.

Prasad and Jain appraised Naidu that considerable energy savings to the tune of around 90 Crore rupees per annum are possible in Guntur and Anantapur Districts alone with the implementation of DELP Program. (NSS)

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Naidu Can’t Claim a Share in 50 Percent NIT Local Seats: Kadiam

  • Telangana should get those 50 percent seats
  • Not Andhra Pradesh

HYDERABAD: Accusing AP Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu of hatching conspiracies for NIT seats in Warangal, Deputy Chief Minister Kadiam Srihari today said the TRS Government would move to court if the AP Government gota share of seats against norms.

Srihari today called on Union Human Resources Development secretary, Satyanarayana Mohanty, at Delhi and appealed to do justice to Telangana students on NIT seats. He complained that Naidu Government has no right to seek a share of the seats after bifurcation, and Article 371 does not attract on seat sharing.

He also complained that Naidu was making deliberate attempts to seek a share in the seats in the central institution against norms.

Talking to media later, Srihari said the Telangana Government would take on Naidu’s conspiracies against the state.

NIT is a central institution, which used to allot 50 percent of the seats to locals, he remarked. However, the Naidu Government was trying to unlawfully seek a share of the seats, he alleged. Srihari also said that since 2007, the seating allocation was on the basis of population, and Telangana was getting its due share of 50 percent seats and the rest as per norms.

Srihari exuded confidence that Naidu’s attempts would not get fructified, as Article 371 does not imply to share the seats. (NSS)

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Urgent need to reduce deaths of children : Chandrababu

CHITTOOR: AP Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu today revealed that mothers and children’s deaths have increased in south India in the last decade.

Inaugurating the Pentavalent Vaccination program here at Padmavathi Women’s University in Tirupation Thursday, Naidu said there was an urgent need to reduce the deaths of children. The government was providing nutritious food to the pregnant women through Anganwadi centers, he said, adding that South India was lagging behind the in terms of IMR, MMR and Marriage-age sections.

Naidu said Pentavalent vaccine will work for five types of diseases in children. The vaccine will protect children from Kantasarpi, Korintha Daggu, Dhanurvatham, Hepatitis-B, Himofelus and Influenza-B deceases. Health protection is very important in these days, he said, adding that his government provided tablets to the Asha workers for the purpose.

He also advised pregnant women to be cautious and protect themselves from the diseases. “The women have to get educated and develop economically. The Andhra Pradesh government has been creating awareness among the pregnant women on the steps to be taken to protect their health, and it was providing nutritious food to the children and pregnant women,” he said.

Speaking on the occasion, Health Minister Kamineni Srinivas said the state government would provide quality medical services, and the government will fill the vacant posts in health and medical departments. On the occasion, the Chief Minister administered Pentavalent vaccine to children.

AP Minister BojjalaGopalakrishna Reddy, Health and Medical secretary Subrahmanyam, Asha volunteers, ANMs and others participated in the program. (NSS)

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Krishnaiah slams Chandrababu on BC Bill

HYDERABAD: Noted BC leader and TDP MLA Krishnaiah today alleged that TDP president and AP Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu was not supporting introduction of BC bill in the parliament.

Addressing the media here on Thursday, Krishnaiah said he would organize a three-day “Chalo Delhi” program from May 5 to 7 on BC issues to put pressure on the center for the bill.

He accused Naidu of failing to impress upon the center on the issue. Despite being an important ally of the BJP Government at the center, the TDP was not mounting pressure on the center in this regard, he said, adding that Naidu has been time and again going to Delhi and was not talking in favour of the BC bill.

“The BC bill should be introduced in Parliament to give 50 percent reservation to BCs in all legislatures across the nation”, he demanded. He also asked other parties to write a letter to the center to introduce BC bill.

Seeking reservations in employment, he asked Telangana Government to extend welfare schemes to the BCs in the State. He urged Chief Minister Chandrasekhar Rao to extend the welfare scheme of Kalyan Lakshmi and three acres land to poor BCs. (NSS)

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Jagadish Reddy slams Naidu’s remarks

HYDERABAD: Minister for Power, Jagadish Reddy, today launched a scathing attack on Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu for his comments against Telangana Chief Minister Chandrasekhar Rao.

Addressing a press conference at Telangana Bhavan, Reddy said Naidu lacked any eligibility to criticize KCR, who is the best chief minister in India. Throwing a challenge to Naidu to compete in doing works of welfare and development like Telangana Government, Reddy alleged that Naidu  is indulging  in just ‘Paper management’.

The minister asked Naidu to refrain from mud-slinging activities on Telangana Government. He ridiculed that Naidu is envious of the huge responses from the people to the TRS public meeting. The Minister stated that Telangana state was a surplus even before its merger with Andhra. He asked Naidu to stop carrying on misinformation campaign against Telangana government.

The minister also stated that Andhra Bank Chairman and Managing Director has recently stated that Telangana State is witnessing a rapid growth in terms of development. Alleging that Naidu is uttering words sans any substance, he said that the people are aware that the former had back stabbed NTR to become chief minister by joining the TDP.

It is a known fact that TDP regime killed people for seeking rollback of   power tariff, in Basheer Bagh firing incident, he said and alleged that the former came in the way of T statehood. The Minister also felt that Naidu cannot convince people through his misinterpretation on the TRS Government. (NSS)

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Kishore Babu resents KCR’s outbursts at Naidu

HYDERABAD: Andhra Pradesh Minister Kishore Babu today criticized Telangana Chief Minister Chandrasekhar Rao for making derogatory remarks against AP Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu.

Addressing the media at Secretariat on Tuesday, the minister said Rao has no moral right to level allegations against Naidu. Apparently, Rao was getting envious at the developmental works being taken up in Andhra Pradesh State.

Kishore Babu found fault with Rao for slamming Naidu during TRS Foundation day’s Public Meeting at Parade Grounds on Sunday. He said the people are aware of Rao’s tactics in stifling the voice of the media. In a democracy, the media has a pivotal role and any government cannot take a harsh decision banning a couple of television channels for airing some clippings against their interests, he added.

“This is totally uncalled for to make such comments against Naidu under whom Raohad worked”, he said.

Kishore Babu also faulted Rao for accusing Naidu of trying to create hurdles to Telangana development and calling some of the TD spokespersons as “three dogs” barking at the behest of “Their Master” against KCR government.

He also said they will conduct summer camps for SC students to bring out their inherent talent. The AP Government was also planning to offer free EAMCET coaching to 400 students in the State, he added. (NSS)

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USIBC to invest five billion in AP

HYDERABAD: US-India Business Council (USIBC), led by executive vice-president Diane Farrell, Monday called on AP Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu at the Camp Office.

During the meeting, Rajeev Mukundan, senior vice-president (Legal) Mylan, informed the Chief Minister that they are looking at expanding their presence in Andhra Pradeshwith an additional investment of five billion dollars. The pharmaceutical company already has four facilities in Visakhapatnam, he added.

Srini Srinivasan, managing director of Hospira, told Naidu that the company has already invested 2,500 crore rupees in its manufacturing facility in Visakhapatnam. A delegate from Johnson & Johnson evinced interest in working with the State on reducing infant and maternal mortality rate, women health and hygiene. Some of the delegates also expressed their keenness on vaccination/immunization programs of the government.

The Chief Minister also explained about the advantages of Andhra Pradesh having abundant water, 24X7 powers and a long coastline that makes it the potential logistics hub for South East Asia. Stating he aims to see AP as healthcare hub, Naidu said health and education are the government’s priorities.

“We are focusing on preventive as well as curative healthcare,” he added. E-Healthcare, Naidu said, is also on his agenda. “Taking medical services to people in an affordable, efficient and quick way are what we want to do, and I believe e-health concept makes it possible.”

The Chief Minister also recalled his experiences of creating a Genome Valley in Hyderabad for pharma giants, and also his efforts in making Healthcare leaders like Apollo set up their hospitals in Hyderabad. “People from across the world come to Hyderabad for treatment. Andhra Pradesh too will be known for medical tourism soon,” he added.

Farrell informed the Chief Minister that the USIBC is expediting the work on making Vizag a smart city. “We’re talking to companies and investors who are interested in making Vizag a smart city,” she said.

Farrell also invited Naidu to the US and asked the government to do a road show on the investment opportunities in AP.

The delegation included Himanshu Priyadarshi, Head for Corporate Affairs of Hospira, Srini Srinivasan, Managing Director of Hospira, Ashok Bhattacharjya, former director of Global Health Systems and Innovation Policy at Johnson & Johnson, Rohit Kumar, Senior Director, Government Affairs, Johnson & Johnson, Neelima Dwivedi, Senior Director of Merck, Mihir Shah, Director of Asia Pacific Public Policy, Merck, Singapore, Rajeev Mukundan, Senior Vice-President for Legal services, Mylan, Claudia Poteet, Senior Director, Pfizer, Sharad Goswami, Head for Public Affairs, Pfizer India, Nivedita Mehra, Director, India, USIBC, Amy Hariani, Director & Legal Policy Counsel, USIBC and Michael Green, Senior Manager, USIBC. (NSS)

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Pawan Kalyan attacks Babu on Land Acquisition

HYDERABAD: Film actor and founder President of Jana Sena Party, Pawan Kalyan, seem to be slowly and steadily becoming a thorn in the flesh for AP Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu in the matter of building the state’s new capital.

The actor-turned politician, who is popularly known as “power star” among his fans, once again fired salvos against Chandrababu Naidu virtually sounding a warning that his government went ahead to impose Land Acquisition Act, even though farmers refuse to give their lands for the construction of the capital of the state.

Referring to media reports that AP Government has informed the High Court that the Land Acquisition Act would be used against farmers refusing to give their lands for the construction of the State’s Capital, Pawan Kalyan tweeted that he was ready to fight against the  Government  on behalf of the farmers.

This is the second time that Pawan Kalyan had challenged Chandrababu Naidu on the issue of land pooling for the state’s capital. Earlier he visited various villages of Talluru mandal near Guntur district and interacted with the villagers regarding controversy over their refusing to part with their fertile lands under the land pooling.

After his fact finding mission and hearing the version of the villagers, Pawan Kalyan appealed to Chandrababu Naidu to leave those villages where the farmers were reluctant to part with their lands. While hoping that the government procures land only with the consent and will of the farmers, he also cautioned that if the lands were forcibly acquired then he would stand by the farmers to protect their rights and interests.

However, on coming to know about the Government’s explanation in the High Court to enforce the Land Acquisition Act on farmers who refuse to give their lands in the land pooling scheme, Pawan Kalyan tweeted today that he would fight against the government on behalf of the farmers if the lands were procured by imposing the Act.

Pawan Kalyan had extended his whole hearted support and extensively campaigned for the BJP-TDP combine in the 2014 elections on the advice of then Prime Ministerial Candidate Narendra Modi, which undoubtedly helped the TDP to come to power in the newly carved state of AP.

Thus, Pawan Kalyan taking either pot shots or firing salvos against Chandrababu Naidu and the TDP Government at every given opportunity in the name of taking up the cause of farmers, seems to be a clear   pointer to his hidden political agenda in the near future. (NSS)

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