Jandhyala’ Wife Fumes At Chiranjeevi, Brahmanandam, Demands Apology

In their recklessness film hero Chiranjeevi and comedian Brahmanandam indulged in loose talk in a TV show about ace director Jandhyala. The director’s wife Rani gives both the celebrities her piece of mind.

Hyderabad: Rani Jandhyala, wife of famous film director late Jandhyala, has given piece of her mind to film celebrities Chiranjeevi and Brahmanandam the other day, it is reliably learnt. She is understood to have been upset with the two top actors for insulting the memory of her husband.

In ‘Meelo Evaru Koteeswarudu’, a copy of ‘Kaun Banega Crorepati’ aired by Maa TV on Sunday, 2 April 2017, host Chiranjeevi and guest Brahmanandam had remembered the famous director of scores of hilarious comedy films. Brahmanandam whom Jandhyala used to call ‘Brahmi’ was a creation of the director. Brahmanandam owes his film career, fame and fortune to the legendary director. It was Jandhyala who introduced Brahmanandam to film industry and encouraged him.

In the course of the discussion between the hero and the comedian, Brahmanadam said his mentor died because of heavy drinking. There was a five-minute discussion on Jandhyala’s drinking habits and his behaviour after consuming alcohol. This was totally avoidable. We generally don’t speak bad about persons who are no more. The two actors who were praising the good qualities of the ace director were repeatedly telling the audience that Jandhyala died of excessive drinking a la Rajababu, a comedian. Jandhyala’s wife and two daughters who watched the episode felt humiliated and were livid with anger.

Rani is understood to have telephoned Brahmanandam first and gave him left and right for his loose talk about her husband. For Brahmi, Rani is Gurupatni and he respected her a lot. Realizing that he committed a blunder, the famous comedian pleaded guilty. He begged her to forgive him for his prattle. Rani reminded Brahmanandam about his anarchic ways and the innumerable occasions when Jandhyala reprimanded him and advised to behave in a decent way.

Then, Rani called Chiranjeevi who was in a shooting near Mumbai. She gave him a mouthful for allowing Brahmanandam to repeatedly talk about her husband’s boozing habit. She said she has her husband’s medical reports with her. The reports made it clear that Jandhyala died of acute diabetes and not because of liver problem, which he never had. Chiranjeevi also profusely apologized for his indiscretion. He swore that he had a lot of respect for her illustrious husband.

Rani is also understood to have considered legal options. But friends and well-wishers advised her not to go for defamation since both the actors apologized for their indecent behaviour. As a pious lady, Rani appears to have left it at that. But she is insisting that both Chiranjeevi, Brahmanandam and the management of the TV channel should publicly apologize through the same Maa TV for their atrocious behavior conceding that they spoke irresponsibly without authentic information about the reasons that led to Jandhyala’s demise.

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Lokesh, A Comedian Like Brahmanandam: Anil Yadav

YSRCP MLA Anil Kumar Yadav compared Jagan with Baahubali and Lokesh with Brahmanandam.

Amaravati: YSRCP MLA Anil Kumar Yadav came up with a controversial statement when comparing their leader with Nara Lokesh. As per him, both Lokesh and YS jagan has only one similarity that is being CM’s sons.

Anil further added that YS Jagan is Andhra Baahubali and he will win in next elections like Baahubali hit.

God made him opposition leader so that he will understand the difficulties faced by the people before taking over the reins, Anil felt.

In a comparison between YS Jagan Mohan Reddy and Nara Lokesh, Anil compared their leader to Baahubali and Lokesh to comedian Brahmanandam. One has to see how the reaction of Lokesh will be to this comparison.

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Brahmanandam Denies Jandhyala’s Wife Calling And Reprimanding

It appears film actor Brahmanandam has flatly denied that Rani, wife of ace director Jandhyala, called him and Chiranjeevi to reprimand them for what they had commented about her husband in a TV episode.


Hyderabad: Film actor Brahmanandam has denied the news that he and another actor Chiranjeevi were reprimanded by Rani, wife of former film director late Jandhyala for their remarks on Jandhyala in a TV episode two weeks ago. The humour artist told persons close to him that the news that Rani has telephoned to him and Chiranjeevi is a media creation.

Brahmanandam said in Maa TV programme, ‘Meeloo Evaru Koteswarudu (MEK)’, they spoke about the ace director who introduced him to films. He said he and Chiranjeevi have great respect for creative director Jandhyala and Rani is our ‘Guru Patni’. There is no question of Jandhyala’s wife talking harshly to him, he said. The news about Rani thinking of going to court for defamation is also a figment of imagination on the part of the media, he comment. There are any number of false stories on film celebrities in media in order to increase circulation or viewership.

The famous comedian has cited the example of another comedian Venu Madhav being ‘killed’ by the media when he is very much alive. There were some reports in a section of the media about Venu Madhav’s health condition.

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Political conspiracy behind Padma Awards, Alleges Kaikala Satyanarayana

Hyderabad: Kaikala Satynarayana, veteran actor, former MP from TDP felt that denial of Padma award to him was mainly due to political conspiracy. Multi-talented veteran actor won many awards in his film career except Padma Award which should have been announced long ago when congress was in government during period of 1989-94.

Main reason for denial is only political issue as per veteran actor. I was in TDP at that time, rival congress was in power, and thus the State level committee rejected my name under political pressure though many recommended, Satyanarayana felt.

Padma awards to Chiranjeevi, Mohan Babu and Brahmanandam were given because they had right contacts. Chiranjeevi did not invite me to watch Khaidi No 150, but Balakrishna arranged a special show for seniors, actor further added, stating that the seniors who felt industry as their own mother were severely neglected.

He also criticised T. Subbiramireddy for ignoring senior actors during the events organised by him. Subbirami Reddy respects only the artists and politicians who are in limelight which is not correct.

The senior character actor felt that he was at least in news due to denial of Padma Award; otherwise people have forgotten him long ago.

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