Jana Sena Chief Reaches Vijayawada

Vijayawada: Janasena Chief Pawan kalyan reached Vijayawada just now and from there he will stay at Gate way Hotel for an hour. Janasena Chief will move  to Tummalapalli Kalakshetram where he will meet Agri Gold Victims who will be briefing their problems related to compensation from the Agri Gold Management.

Victims from AP, Karnataka, TN, Karnatakaa  reached the venue who are 700 in number. They will put forward their demands in front of Pawan who was guided by CPI leader Muppala Nageswara Rao.

Pawan received a warm welcome by Janasena cadre at Gannavaram airport and from there with a huge rally reached Vijayawaada. Fans are not allowed inside the venue strictly and people with ID cards distributed by Janasena cadre were allowed.

Stay tuned for latest updates on Janasena.


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AgriGold Issue: Lack In Transparency, Says Pawan kalyan

Vijayawada: Jana Sena Chief Pawan kalyan felt that transparency is lacking in Agri Gold issue. Pawan kalyan who arrived to Vijayawada as  stand by for Agri Gold Victims said there is no need for victims  to take drastic decisions and loose heart.

Addressing media at Gateway Hotel In Vijayawada, Pawan wondered why there is delay in solving the issue when there are clear directions from the High Court. If the properties of Agri Gold which are around 14,000 acres have been identified by this time, problem is almost solved, felt Pawan kalyan.

Government actions are getting hampered by some forces behind, issue which is related to 20 lakh customers with worth of 15000 crore should be solved immediately, Pawan said.

High Court is looking after the matter which made me delay in intervention on this issue said Pawan kalyan responding to media question about his late entry on this burning issue.

After meeting Agri Gold Victims and hearing their problem, I will decide whether to meet Government or not, said Pawan who left to Tummalipalli Kalakshetram from Gate way hotel.



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Jana Sena’S Handloom Promo Meet in UK

LONDON: Janasena NRI wing (UK) is making all arrangements for a meet on promo for handlooms which will be on April 9th at Woodgrange Community Centre, London.

Pawan kalyan  received appreciation from Telangana IT Minister KTR for strong promotion of handlooms with his flick Katamarayudu.

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Jana Sena Chief To Meet AgriGold Victims At Vijayawada


Vijayawada: In the wake of the criticism of Jana Sena Chief for not consoling AgriGold victims, Pawan kalyan has at last decided to do so on Thursday at Vijayawada.

He will be having a close look at the problems of the AgriGold victims in a meeting to be held at Thummalapalli Kalakshetram in Vijaywada. For this, Jana Sena organisers are planning to bring the main victims of AgriGold in a limited number so that their leader can hear the voice with patience in a focused manner without any distractions.

According to Jana Sena leaders, AgriGold issue was left aside by their party Chief which might cause adverse effect on his political career.

Pawan Kalyan who made guest appearances to console the people who were suffering on account of kidney problem at Uddanam or land being forcibly taken near Mangalagiri or farmers not getting their loans waived fully as promised in the TDP election manifesto could not find time for the victims of AgriGold scam. The Power Star was left behind in the issue concerning lacks of people since he has no clarity about his political roadmap and the time needed to involve in politics fully since he is busy with shooting. Now close aides of Pawan gave a hint that AgriGold issue will be one of the main issues which made a negative impact on ruling party and which was hijacked by oppsotion leader Y.S. Jagan Mohan Reddy.

Without further waste of time, Pawan Kalyan decided to tour Vijayawada with a two- point agenda. One, to console the victims, and two, to have a talk with the political leaders of the city who are interested to join Jana Sena.

Malladi Vishnu has decided to join YSRCP in coming days but Vangaveeti Radha will join Jana Sena as per party sources.. Bonda Uma who won on TDP ticket is oscillating , still in a dilemma. He is now enjoying power since he is in the ruling party. According to our correspondent, Bonda Uma may shift towards Jana Sena at the time of elections. Many Kapu leaders are sending signals to join Jana Sena, but Pawan is keeping them on hold as he did not want to make Jana Sena limited or restricted to a particular community. Bonda Srinu is looking  after these concerned matters.

Jana Sena organisers are looking for party office accommodation on Bandar road which has to be finalised by party president. Gokina Mahesh is taking care of  arrangements  for Pawan’s tour to Vijayawada. Entry is strictly limited only for 500 members along with Agri Gold Victims. 

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Pawan Gearing Up Jana Sena

Hyderabad: Jana Sena Party Chief Pawan kalyan is gearing up his party by establishing offices at all district headquarters after the release of his latest flick Katamarayudu. For this, he gave a call for writers, speakers,and analysts, starting from Ananthpur district. Here is the tweet by Janasena:

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Go To Pawan If You Have A Problem

Amaravati: If you want to solve any issue or matter do not go to the opposition party, just move towards Janasena, this is what AP CM Chandrababu Naidu is hinting to the people of his state.

Series of episodes from Uddanam Kidney patients to villager’s agitation against Mega aqua food industry were silently solved without disturbing the relations between TDP and Pawan.

Now a three year long pending problem at Vikrama Simhapuri University was solved as students put forward their demand in front of Pawan just few weeks back. New building has come up, classes already started in new building, and Registrar has shifted from Vikramapuri to Chandigarh. All happened within days after students brought their woes to the notice of the Power Star.

A Committee was formed to look into corruption charges, which is another demand by University students. After observing all these, two things have become very clear. If you have any pending problems in any department, don’t go to leader of the opposition Y.S.Jagan or any other party, just hand over your demand to Pawan Kalyan, rest will be looked after by the ruling party. Is it clear?

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BJP Policies Not Good For Integrity of Our Nation-Pawan kalyan

Hyderabad: Janasena President came down strongly on the Central Government for their partial behaviour between Southern and Northern states. This statement was in response to the loan waiver to the farmers of UP by Central Minister Radha Singh.

Highest number of farmers’ suicide happened in Telugu States, Telangana and Andhra Pradesh and plead for the same loan waiver by our Telugu farmers and their respective Govts request to Centre was unheeded. This kind of partiality will lead to Nation divisiveness, Pawan tweeted.


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Jana Sena Spreads Its Tentacles Silently In AP


Hyderabad: Jana Sena, People’s Army, is slowly but steadily spreading its tentacles at ground level in AP, particularly in Coastal and Rayalaseema region. JSP President Pawan Kalyan recently announced that he will represent Ananthpur in 2019 elections. The only reason that prompted his decision was that it is a backward district in terms of irrigation and agriculture.

The fact of the matter,however, is that the Kapus are a predominant community in Anantapur town. The percentage of Kapus/Balijas is said to be around 30 in the town’s population. They are as visible as they are in the towns of Coastal Andhra Pradesh. Pawan, who drew huge support from this community when his elder brother Chiranjeevi launched PRP in 2008, has all along been in touch with opinion makers of the community in view of the forthcoming elections in 2019. In addition to this, he is mainly focusing on OBC reservation for Kapu community, which was included in Jana Swaram, a kind of manifesto of his party kept on the party’s website. The Jana Swaram speaks of 19 issues or mini- manifestos.

In delta districts, Pawan is confident that his party has a decent following. It was evident in his meetings in the name of Praja Darbaar and the support that Kapunadu movement has been getting from the youth. Right now, the ruling party is enjoying the support of these vote banks and one is not sure if Jana Sena can totally convert this vote bank into its own in coming days.

Is there any scope for an opposition party winning the next elections in Andhra Pradesh?
Yes, say Jana Sena sources. According to their calculations, people are not satisfied with the present government and same is the case with the main opposition party, YSRCP. Jana Sena’s survey shows that people are opposed to established parties because of the corruption allegations faced by these parties.

Leaders ready to join Jana Sena:
Pawan kalyan on the 3rd foundation day of party said Jana Sena is looking for seniors to guide. As per Primepost sources, these are the leaders in the line who are going to join Jana Sena before the end of the year: Vangaveeti Radha, who was a friend of Pawan kalyan and who tried to produce a film with Pawan, will join the party in coming days.

Bonda Uma Maheswara Rao, another MLA from TDP, who got ticket with the recommendation of Pawan kalyan in 2014 elections, is in a dilemma. He is likely to join Jana Sena. An MLC who will join Jana Sena is Somaraju Veerraju and finally Minister Ganta Srinivas Rao. Somaraju Veerraju was sought to be appointed as president of SP unit of the BJP but Union Minister Venkaiah Naidu has been prevailing upon party president Amit Shaw to hold it back.

Jaya Prakash Narayan of Lok Satta is ready to join hands with Jana Sena. JP says Pawan is the right choice in present scenario.

Coming to Telangana, T. Jaya Prakash reddy alias Jagga Reddy will lead Jana Sena. Mahender Reddy, Shankar Goud and others will follow Jagganna.

Jana Sena received many requests from party cadres in Telangana suggesting to join forces with TJAC Chairman Kodandaram, but the final outcome will be known in coming days.

In Tamil Nadu, Pawan Kalyan fans had a meeting with Super Star Rajnikanth to request for his support in Chittoor district and bordering areas.

Pawan is getting good support from NRI wing, and NRI connect, a part for NRI’s In Jana Sena party website, received more than 7000 membership requests, who are ready to come for supporting Jana Sena during campaign.

It is not easy for Jana Sena to win and Pawan Kalyan knows it only too well. But if major issues he has been taking up cause disaffection among the people against the government, Pawan might stand a reasonable chance. Negligence of farmers by TDP from 99-2004 led to the end of their nine years supremacy. The farmers’ plank was hijacked by late YSR by his paadayatra. Pawan has been waiting for that kind of opportunity.

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Janasena celebrations Touches UK

Hyderabad: Janasena’s 3rd Birth Anniversary celebrations touched Pawan fans across globe. On March 14th, on the eve of party’s foundation day, Pawan fans celebrated the occasion in a huge manner in presence of Shankar Goud, who graced the function from  India.

Nearly 300 Janasena cadre attended the function and  stated that they will follow the foot steps of their leader Pawan Kalyan in coming elections.

UK Janasena team will meet their leader in month of June and take part in membership drive as per Janasena sources.

Meanwhile Janasena will launch its NRI wing  separately  in coming months. Pawan is getting overwhelming response from US, UK, Canada, Australia and Germany.

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Pawan Pledges 60 Percent Seats For Youth In 2019

Hyderabad: Jana Sena President, actor turned politician, Pawan Kalyan addressed media on the eve of the third birth anniversary of his party on Tuesday.

In a chit chat with media, he clarified the stand of Jana Sena and its ideology. Here are Jana Sena’s future plans in the words of Pawan kalyan:

Pawan, at the outset, thanked those who supported Jana Sena all these years. He clarified that Jana Sena is not with NDA now. He said that his party will try to connect with the youth as it needs their support a great deal. He Pledged 60 Percent Seats For Youth In 2019.

Jana Sena has identified 32 issues to be debated in the elections and he needs more sena to fight on the issues, Pawan felt. He also said that his brother Chiranjeevi will not join Jana Sena as they differ on ideology.

The party was established in order to fight on people’s problems and win or loss in elections will not stop him from fighting on the issues.

Jana Sena will contest in both Telangana and Andhra Pradesh in 2019. Pawan said he will represent Ananthapur as it is identified as backward district.

The difference between PRP and Jana Sena is that the leaders in PRP had their personal agenda, where as Jana Sena has people’s agenda, Pawan reportedly said.

Jana Sena’s political agenda will be speedily implemented from June with the help of youth and party is ready to allocate 60% tickets to the youth in 2019 elections. Last film to be done by Power Star will be shot in 2018 under Trivikram’s direction and from then on Pawan will take party work seriously.

Speaking about alliance with other political parties, he said that first and foremost priority is to build cadre for Jana Sena. At the same time, he did not rule out the possibility of allying with other parties.

On surveys, he felt that he does not believe in surveys which may be constantly changing from positive to negative or vice versa, but believes only in his ideology.

He also felt that defeat of SP in UP was mainly due to internal war in Yadav parivar. Jana Sena President said his party will be working in top gear from March next year.

Many queries came on industries creating pollution at Patancheru to which Pawan said he will visit the place in a few days to know the actual problem.

Constantly criticising ruling party is not a good stand and criticism should be in a constructive way, Pawan said when questioned about TDP in AP. Schemes were not helping the people as expected, he commented.

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Pawan Kalyan closes Jana Sena doors for Chiranjeevi


Amaravati: Jana Sena chief Pawan Kalyan, who launched his party’s website marking the third formation day of the party on Tuesday, gave indications about his unwillingness to admit his brother and Congress former minister K Chiranjeevi into the party.

Speaking to media persons, Pawan Kalyan said that his brother may not join his party as there is a huge ideological gap.  While admitting that the Jana Sena would also require senior leaders in the party, he said he would be very selective in admitting them. He said he would take the experiences of the Praja Rajyam Party launched by his brother Chiranjeevi along with him. “We had several leaders coming from different parties and they had their agenda with them. The party (PRP) suffered because of their agenda and that would not be repeated in Jana Sena,” he asserted.

Chiranjeevi after winning 18 Assembly seats in the 2009 elections on PRP had finally merged his party with the Congress and became a Minister at the Central government. He continues to be the Rajya Sabha member of the Congress, though not active in politics.

The actor-turned politician, Chiranjeevi, had returned to his acting career after the Congress was defeated in the 2014 elections. It was just a few months before the elections his younger brother Pawan Kalyan had launched the Jana Sena and sailed with the BJP, while Chiranjeevi continued to be with the Congress.

Now, heading for full time politics and setting his house in order for the 2019 elections, Pawan Kalyan is planning to expand his party’s base. Though he played key role in the Chiranjeevi’s PRP in 2009 elections, he is now not ready to take his elder brother along in his own party. He is also unwilling to take those old horses either from the Congress or the TDP in the State. That way, he had closed his party’s doors to his brother. In a way, he had sealed the fate of his brother forever as there is no future for the Congress either in the State or at the national level at least for the next two decades.

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Janasena foundation day, Trend setting all over India

Hyderabad: Janasena Party is celebrating its 3rd birth Anniversary which is creating waves in social media all over the country.

Today, March 14th, on the eve of party’s foundation day, Twitter and facebook is flooded with Janasena cadre proving Pawan kalyan stamina as a politician.

In Gajuvaka, party cadre made 1096 ft flag  as a mark of  3 years completion. Just zoom the below image to find out how it is trending in social media beating National politics.

New Picture

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Jana Sena Chief Pawan ‘s surprise Gift to NRI’s

Hyderabad: Pawan kalyan recently visited Harward University  as a guest speaker for 14th edition of Indian Conference, which was hosted on Feb 11th and 12th. During his tour,NRI fans  wing of Pawan kalyan held ahuge car rally in Nashville which made Jansena chief speechless for the love they have poured on him.

Pawan kalyan, who has a habitat of  expressing love in return with gifts like mangoes( cultivated in his farm land) or with flowers surprised NRI fans with a special gift.

Book titled “ADHUNIKA  MAHABHRATAM” written by  Gunturu Seshadri Sharma was mailed  abroad with a special  autograph of Pawan on the book cover. Fans are overwhelmed with joy after receiving this book with Pawan autograph.

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Pawan Kalyan’s warnings get 18 dialysis centers to State

Dara Gopi

Amaravati: In less than three months that Jana Sena chief Pawan Kalyan had visited the mysterious kidney disease area of Uddanam in Srikakulam district and less than three days of his final statement on World Kidney Day, the Central government had sanctioned 18 dialysis centers to the State each having 10 dialysis units. The Center would give 180 dialysis units in all to the State that would be established in the north Andhra and parts of Prakasam district, Kanigiri area, where people are affected by the mysterious kidney disease.

Minister for Health Kamineni Srinivas announced the sanctioning of the 18 dialysis centers to the State by the Central government. He said that they have already started five dialysis centers at Palasa and Sompet in Srikakulam district, Kanigiri, Kandukuru and Markapur in Prakasam districts. He further said that the Central government had sanctioned Rs 22.47 crore for all the 18 dialysis centers.

The State government is planning to open these dialysis centers at Paderu in Visakhapatnam, Tuni and Amalapuram in East Godavari, Jangareddigudem in West Godavari, Nuzvid in Krishna, Narsaraopet and Macherla in Guntur, Athmakuru in Nellore, Kuppam and Madanapalli in Chittoor, Raychoti in Kadapa, Kadiri in Ananthapur, and Adoni in Kurnool districts. Ironically these are the places where people are hit by the polluted drinking water leading to several diseases. Now, these dialysis centers would provide free dialysis for the people, particularly the victims of the water-borne diseases.

The Minister claimed that this government had provided 100 dialysis units in the Government hospital at Tirupati besides equipping the government hospitals in all the 13 districts. The 18 additional centers each with 10 dialysis machines would end the hardships of the people in the State, he asserted.

The Minister thanked Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu for his initiative in taking up the issue with the Central government. He also thanked Union Minister for Health, J P Nadda, for clearing the dialysis units requirement.


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Pawan Demands Enactment Of Women Bill

Hyderabad: International Women’s day touched Hana Sena President Pawan kalyan who stated that women have been struggling for equal rights and for justice for decades.

On the eve of International Women’s Day, actor-turned-politician Pawan kalyan penned down a letter addressing women. In his letter he strongly felt that Women’s Bill should be passed in Parliament.

Women’s Day celebrations should not be limited to papers, the dreams and aspirations of women should be fulfilled. When a woman can walk freely in the night, then only we can say that they have freedom and independence, Pawan Kalyan said in the letter.

Pawan Kalyan will be leaving abroad for shoot of songs for upcoming flick Katamrayudu. Fans have huge expectations on this movie, and success will be added advantage to Pawan at this stage to galvanise his political moves.

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Jana Sena Pawan Kalyan challenged by TDP MLA

Amaravati: TDP MLA Jalil Khan today made a surprising statement on Jansena founder and Actor Pawan Kalyan.

Expressing confidence, Jalil Khan said he would win if he contested against Pawan Kalyan in the election. Appreciating the efforts of Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu in development of the residuary State, Jalil Khan said the former will always have innovative ideas and he proved his mettle by constructing a new Assembly building in a record time in new capital city here.

Responding to a query on his induction into the cabinet, Jalil Khan said he does not know whether he will get minister post or not. But he said he was very happy while working as an MLA. (NSS)

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Pawan Meets Gaddar, Discuss Jana Sena’s Roadmap

Hyderabad: If we think Pawan Kalyani is busy with shooting of Katamrayudu, we might be wrong. Ground work for his full time political gear up is going on, according to sources close to Pawan Kalyan.

In February 2nd to 3rd week, Jana Sena has undertaken a quick poll survey about the party’s future. Main advantage Pawan is enjoying is the innumerable voluntary youth who are working at ground level without expecting any return from their leader.

Employees of IT are helping Jana Sena with social media promotions and bringing forward public problems in the constituencies which are left pending with false promises of leaders.

Pawan Kalyan, except star image following, is spending nearly four hours exclusively on these political matters which will be highlighted in coming days according to Jana Sena sources. Leaders from different parties, particularly the BJP, approached Pawan who is taking steps basing on his gut feelings. He has been keeping quiet without responding to the entreaties of State level BJP leaders.

Pavan is trying to keep away, the same as his elder brother Chiranjeevi and his associates did when the latter launched his Praja Rajya Party. According to their survey, Jana Sena will reach tally in between 30 to 40 seats faring far better than the PRP. But we should not take this survey as standard since the sample is small. It was limited to East, west Godavaries and Krishna, Guntur, Srikakulam and Vizianagaram, Nellore, Chittor districts.

When PRP was launched, pre-poll survey gave 145 to 150 seats which was proved wrong at the end. Pawan is mainly focussing on issues faced by students, farmers and the unemployed. He is aiming to reach out to the people beyond his caste.

The main drawback for Pawan Kalyan is that he has no proper cadre. Other negative factors are the lack of consistency in his political speeches and programmes, negative shades in his personal life and not being able to allot time for political activity. But his followers strongly believe that their boss would overcome the negative factors before the elections.

South-North divide that was articulated by Pawan in his recent speeches makes his intentions clear. He wants to expand Jana Sena by aligning with like-minded parties and individual leaders in TN, Karnataka, Telangana along with AP. Gaddar, the Ballard, who was one of the close aides to Pawan, had a chit chat with Jana Sena chief at a farm house near Medak district (according to Jana Sena sources). It appears that Gaddar has advised Pawan to plunge into publics with cultural programmes along with political issues.

Pawan has requested Gaddar to make special entry into politics along with Jana Sena in Telangana region, but the later has yet to give a green signal for Pawan’s proposal.

But the ground realty is different from what Jana Sena sources say. There is not that much of wave for party at present in public as hyped by sources. But in politics, we can’t say the turn of public minds until last day.

Pawan kalyan, who wants to go with new trends, is trying to follow Kejriwal’s AAP in preparing manifesto and join hands with Lok Satta.Tennis star Jwala Gutta expressed her desire to work for Jana Sena. Nagendra Babu, brother of Pawan, will join Jana Sena in coming days.

Will Jana Sena create a storm and become a king maker in AP politics? Will Jana Sena become a deciding factor in AP politics or will it let down Pawan’s fans like Chiranjeevi’s PRP? One has to wait and see.

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