Jana Sena Chief Pawan a�?s surprise Gift to NRIa��s

Hyderabad: Pawan kalyan recently visited Harward UniversityA� as a guest speaker for 14thA�edition of Indian Conference, which was hosted on Feb 11thA�and 12th. During his tour,NRI fansA� wing of Pawan kalyan held ahuge car rally in Nashville which made Jansena chief speechless for the love they have poured on him.

Pawan kalyan, who has a habitat ofA� expressing love in return with gifts like mangoes( cultivated in his farm land) or with flowers surprised NRI fans with a special gift.

Book titled “ADHUNIKAA� MAHABHRATAM” written byA� Gunturu Seshadri Sharma was mailedA� abroad with a specialA� autograph of Pawan on the book cover. Fans are overwhelmed with joyA�after receiving this book with Pawan autograph.

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