Jana Senaa��s Sathagni, Will It Fire?

Jana Sena Chief Pawan kalyan named Digital Regiment of the party as a�?Sathagnia�� on Friday, but will this fire?

Hyderabad: Jana Sena Chief opened his mouth on politics, about future and plans of Jana Sena in 2019 elections when he held a meet with cadre on Friday.

He announced new programmed titled a�?Sathagnia�� which is related to digital Regiment. Main aim of this is to project the aims, policies and ideologies of the party into public.

Strategy is a copy cat of Narendra Modia��s digital campaign in 2014.Pawan said he is not sure about how many seats party will contest in 2019 elections. HE further said that his strength will be known by the end of 2018 and will decide about aspirants, and number of seats party should contest.

He also said that he will meet people from October, exactly from the month where YCP Chief planned for Paadayatra.

Is Pawan giving counter to YCP or TDP is a big question mark and answer will be known only in 2019.

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