Jana Sena Would Come To Power: Nagendra Babu

Hyderabad: If anybody believes strongly about Jana Sena coming into power in 2019, it is Naga babu, elder brother of Pawan Kalyan. ‘No one can stop Jana Sena coming into power in 2019 elections. Pawan will create storm in next elections.’ These are the words utteredA� by Nagendra babu.

In an interview, Nagendra babu praised his brother by saying Pawan is a kind of person who spends money on others instead of collecting money from them.

He also explained the reason why Pawan is still continuing his acting rather instead of focussing on party. To run a political party, money is needed and for Pawana��s mentality it should be from his own pocket, this is the reason for his acting in films, Nagendra babu felt.

He strongly came down on TDP saying that there is a lot of misuse of power, No development is seen in AmaravatiA� in these three years of ruling instead there is a raise in crime along with corruption, the actor added in his interview.

Prime Post Reports: Nagendra babu was restricted for campaigning and did not contest from PRP when his brother Chiranjeevi launched political part, PRP, in 2009. But he will join Jana Sena and contest from a constituency in East Godavari as per our sources. But his close aides are pressurisingA� him to move towards Nellore district; we have to see which one Nagendra babu will choose for his political entry.

Nagendra babu stood as a bridge between Chiranjeevi and his fans. He has a tremendous goodwill among Chiranjeevi fans, who cana��t resist their emotions if Mega family is criticised.

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