Jana Sena Spreads Its Tentacles Silently In AP


Hyderabad: Jana Sena, Peoplea��s Army, is slowly but steadily spreading its tentacles at ground level in AP, particularly in Coastal and Rayalaseema region. JSP President Pawan Kalyan recently announced that he will represent Ananthpur in 2019 elections. The only reason that prompted his decision was that it is a backward district in terms of irrigation and agriculture.

The fact of the matter,however, is that the Kapus are a predominant community in Anantapur town. The percentage of Kapus/Balijas is said to be around 30 in the town’s population. They are as visible as they are in the towns of Coastal Andhra Pradesh. Pawan, who drew huge support from this community when his elder brother Chiranjeevi launched PRP in 2008, has all along been in touch with opinion makers of the community in view of the forthcoming elections in 2019. In addition to this, he is mainly focusing on OBC reservation for Kapu community, which was included in Jana Swaram, a kind of manifesto of his party kept on the party’s website. The Jana Swaram speaks of 19 issues or mini- manifestos.

In delta districts, Pawan is confident that his party has a decent following. It was evident in his meetings in the name of Praja Darbaar and the support that Kapunadu movement has been getting from the youth. Right now, the ruling party is enjoying the support of these vote banks and one is not sure if Jana Sena can totally convert this vote bank into its own in coming days.

Is there any scope for an opposition party winning the next elections in Andhra Pradesh?
Yes, say Jana Sena sources. According to their calculations, people are not satisfied with the present government and same is the case with the main opposition party, YSRCP. Jana Sena’s survey shows that people are opposed to established parties because of the corruption allegations faced by these parties.

Leaders ready to join Jana Sena:
Pawan kalyan on the 3rd foundation day of party said Jana Sena is looking for seniors to guide. As per Primepost sources, these are the leaders in the line who are going to join Jana Sena before the end of the year: Vangaveeti Radha, who was a friend of Pawan kalyan and who tried to produce a film with Pawan, will join the party in coming days.

Bonda Uma Maheswara Rao, another MLA from TDP, who got ticket with the recommendation of Pawan kalyan in 2014 elections, is in a dilemma. He is likely to join Jana Sena. An MLC who will join Jana Sena is Somaraju Veerraju and finally Minister Ganta Srinivas Rao. Somaraju Veerraju was sought to be appointed as president of SP unit of the BJP but Union Minister Venkaiah Naidu has been prevailing upon party president Amit Shaw to hold it back.

Jaya Prakash Narayan of Lok Satta is ready to join hands with Jana Sena. JP says Pawan is the right choice in present scenario.

Coming to Telangana, T. Jaya Prakash reddy alias Jagga Reddy will lead Jana Sena. Mahender Reddy, Shankar Goud and others will follow Jagganna.

Jana Sena received many requests from party cadres in Telangana suggesting to join forces with TJAC Chairman Kodandaram, but the final outcome will be known in coming days.

In Tamil Nadu, Pawan Kalyan fans had a meeting with Super Star Rajnikanth to request for his support in Chittoor district and bordering areas.

Pawan is getting good support from NRI wing, and NRI connect, a part for NRIa��s In Jana Sena party website, received more than 7000 membership requests, who are ready to come for supporting Jana Sena during campaign.

It is not easy for Jana Sena to win and Pawan Kalyan knows it only too well. But if major issues he has been taking up cause disaffection among the people against the government, Pawan might stand a reasonable chance. Negligence of farmers by TDP from 99-2004 led to the end of their nine years supremacy. The farmers’ plank was hijacked by late YSR by his paadayatra. Pawan has been waiting for that kind of opportunity.

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