Jana Sena party to contest elections in future

HYDERABAD: A�Jana Sena Party President Pawan Kalyan made his political ambitions clear on Friday by announcing that his party would contest all the coming elections including bye- polls, if any.

Interacting with the media, he said the Jana Sena was still in the formative stage. However, the party would contest in the elections as and when they were held for gaining political experience.A� Jana Sena was still in the formative stage and would try to acquire a firm foothold, he added.

Asked whether he would test his partya��s political fortunes by contesting the coming elections to GHMC, Pawan Kalyan said he had given a thought to it.

Mr. Pawan Kalyan was actively associated with Praja Rajyam party founded by hisA�brother and actor K. Chiranjeevi. Though the party entered the electoral battle in 2009, it could not make a big mark except for winning 18 Assembly seats.

When Mr. Chiranjeevi merged his party with the Congress and for which he was rewarded with a ministerial berth in the UPA Government, Mr. PawanA� Kalyan was not very happy with the developments. He then float his own political outfit, Jana Sena party, before the 2014 general elections and campaigned for the TDP and BJP.

However,A�in order to avoid a split in the votes, he did not field his candidates and helped in the complete rout of the ruling Congress in Seemandhra and also prevented the surge of YSRCP in the costal belt.

Answering a question, he said he had no intention to embarrass anyone by raising his voice in favour of farmers in the proposed capital region. He was just trying to remind responsibilities of the government.

Mr. Pawan Kalyan said the present situation (bifurcation) would not have arisen if the Gentlemana��s Agreement signed during the formation of a united Andhra Pradesh had been implemented properly. A similar situation had arisen now because the bifurcation was not done properly. Future generations would have to pay a heavy price if these lapses were not rectified immediately. A�a�?I have informed Prime Minister Narendra Modi of how injustice had been done to the two Telugu Statesa�?, he said.

The Jana Sena chief said he wasA�happy that a new capital city was being built on the lines of Singapore city. “But, the Government is acquiring nearly 51 square miles of land for the capital, which is more than the size of Singapore. Do we require so much land to build a capital, that too at the cost of farmersa�?, he said. (NSS)

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