Jana Sena and Mega Fans To Work Together For Sure

Fans of Mega Star Chiranjeevi were nonplussed when Ram Charan asked them to give a helping hand to his uncle Pawan Kalyan’s Jana Sena.

Hyderabad: The main factor which was in suspense after Jana Sena party was launched by Pawan kalyan was, ‘will Mega fans work with him?.’ Now the cloud was cleared with the statement of Ram Charan at Kolleru of WG Dist.

Ram Charan’s shoot for Sukumar’s flick has been going at brisk pace at Kolleru.

Huge Mega Fans are thronging in daily to watch the shoot and meet Ram Charan. Chiranjeevi’s son , hero Ram Charan discussed few things with Mega Fans associations on Monday. They discussed the question of support to Jana Sena.

Ram Charan appealed to Mega Fans to give a helping hand to his uncle’s party. Pawan kalyan came out openly that there is no place for his brother Chiranjeevi in Jana Sena and doors are closed for him. But this sttaement from Ram Charan left fans in a dilemma wondering how they could support Pawan’s party after he insulted Chiranjeevi?

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