Jana Sena Leader Defends Pawana��s Statements

Jana Sena leader Mahender Reddy defends the statements made by his leader Pawan Kalyan opposing the appointment of Singhal, a North Indian, as EO of the TTD.

Hyderabad: The row over the TTD EO created sparks in political circles, particularly after Jana Sena Chief Pawan Kalyan came out with a statement alleging North-South bias. Pawan faced critics from TDP, BJP and by AP IAS officers association over his remarks on Singhal.

Now Jana Sena Leaders came forward to clarify Pawan’s stand. Jana Sena Leader Mahender Reddy clarified that Pawana��s statement was misunderstood and he is not against the appointment of Singhal as TTD EO.

Mahender further stated that Pawan questioned why no Telugu IAS officers were appointed as authorities of Northern temples and there was nothing wrong in their leadera��s statement.

He praised Pawan about his commitment to patriotism. Pawana��s love for the country and integrity cannot be questioned and if anybody does, he should introspect his patriotism, mahender said.

Pawan is trying for equal justice to both states of Telugu people, this is the main intention behind his statement, Mahender said.


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