Jana Sena Chief To Meet AgriGold Victims At Vijayawada


Vijayawada: In the wake of the criticism of Jana Sena Chief for not consoling AgriGold victims, Pawan kalyan has at last decided to do so on Thursday at Vijayawada.

He will be having a close look at the problems of the AgriGold victims in a meeting to be held at Thummalapalli Kalakshetram in Vijaywada. For this, Jana Sena organisers are planning to bring the main victims of AgriGold in a limited number so that their leader can hear the voice with patience in a focused manner without any distractions.

According to Jana Sena leaders, AgriGold issue was left aside by their party Chief which might cause adverse effect on his political career.

Pawan Kalyan who made guest appearances to console the people who were suffering on account of kidney problem at Uddanam or land being forcibly taken near Mangalagiri or farmers not getting their loans waived fully as promised in the TDP election manifesto could not find time for the victims of AgriGold scam. The Power Star was left behind in the issue concerning lacks of people since he has no clarity about his political roadmap and the time needed to involve in politics fully since he is busy with shooting. Now close aides of Pawan gave a hint that AgriGold issue will be one of the main issues which made a negative impact on ruling party and which was hijacked by oppsotion leader Y.S. Jagan Mohan Reddy.

Without further waste of time, Pawan Kalyan decided to tour Vijayawada with a two- point agenda. One, to console the victims, and two, to have a talk with the political leaders of the city who are interested to join Jana Sena.

Malladi Vishnu has decided to join YSRCP in coming days but Vangaveeti Radha will join Jana Sena as per party sources.. Bonda Uma who won on TDP ticket is oscillating , still in a dilemma. He is now enjoying power since he is in the ruling party. According to our correspondent, Bonda Uma may shift towards Jana Sena at the time of elections. Many Kapu leaders are sending signals to join Jana Sena, but Pawan is keeping them on hold as he did not want to make Jana Sena limited or restricted to a particular community. Bonda Srinu is looking A�after these concerned matters.

Jana Sena organisers are looking for party office accommodation on Bandar road which has to be finalised by party president. Gokina Mahesh is taking care of A�arrangements A�for Pawan’s tour to Vijayawada. Entry is strictly limited only for 500 members along with Agri Gold Victims.A�

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