Jana Sena Chief Achieves Rare Record

Jana Sena Chief created rare record beating all political parties in AP in short span of time.

Amravati: Jana Sena Chief Pawan Kalyan became one of the leading politicians with huge following on Twitter. Actor cum politician Pawan thanked all his followers by saying that followers showed light in dark path he has chosen in the name of Jana Sena three years ago.

Pawan entered Twitter media on Jan 1st, 2015 and now enjoys the following of 20 lakh followers which is a rare record in AP politics for a party

Pawan kalyan is the only politician who reacts through twitter rather than coming in front of media to express his feelings.

Pawan Kalyan is rightly busy with his 25th film which is slated for release on Jan 0th, 2018. He is in a plan to tour AP from October, 2017 and cadre is making silent preparations for their leader.

Pawan kalyana��s Jana Sena party will contest in AP, Telangana in 2019 elections to test its future.


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