Jana Objects to KCR’s Improper Language

HYDERABAD: Stating that it was not proper on the part of the Chief Minister Chandrashekar Rao to use such improper language in Nalgonda public meeting on Monday, the Congress Legislature Party (CLP) leader, Jana Reddy, said that Rao and his ministers of the TRS Government were drinking the Krishna water in Hyderabad provided by Congress Party during its 10-year rule.

Speaking to the media at CLP office here on Tuesday along with Nalgonda Gutha Sukhender Reddy, Jana Reddy said that he too knew the language used by Rao, but he was not using such a language thinking that it was not proper.

Stating that the Telangana State would not have become a reality if UPA chairperson Sonia Gandhi had denied the demand of Telangana people, Jana Reddy said that the Congress was the party that conceded the demand of the Telangana people at the cost of the party and is facing dishonor, but the TRS was not giving minimum respect to the Congress Party.

“TRS kept an agenda to criticize the Congress since its inception, and it is not proper to that party”, he asserted.

Jana Reddy said that the Congress Party took several steps to eradicate the Fluoride problem in Nalgonda district during its 10-year rule. The Congress Government provided Krishna water to 2,400 Fluoride affected villages, and the works were in progress in 1,200 villages, he said.

“But the TRS Government did nothing in 1,200 villages during its one-year rule”, he alleged.

He said that the Congress Government allotted 1000 crore rupees for the drinking water in Nalgonda district, but TRS Government allotted nothing, but giving lengthy lectures on it.

The Congress Government allotted 10,000 crore rupees in United Andhra Pradesh of which 4,700crore rupees to Telangana region i.e. 47 percent, and it was not proper to the TRS Government to say that as a Panchayat Raj Minister Jana Reddy did nothing, he deplored.

Jana Reddy said that he had never uttered a single word on Water Grid project, but the TRS leaders were stating that the Congress leaders were using unfair language in regard to the project. Responding to a question, he said that they would go to the  people whenever they invite them. (NSS)

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