Jallikattu Puts Apex Court In A Spot

C Surya Prakash

Chennai:A�People of Tamil Nadu appear to be playing hardball with the judiciary which found itself in catch-22 situation. It can neither implement its order nor annul the same. If one tries to appease the supporters of the bull sport, the animal lovers would be antagonised.

This is what is virtually happening in Tamilnadu’s huge mess involving all sections of society. The agitation against court banning Jallikattu is gradually turning into a people’s movement. Making a rural sport of taming bulls appear as part of Tamil culture, it’s pride political bosses of all parties are posing as champions for the cause of Tamil pride for obvious reasons. The constitutional experts expressing dismay at the way the apex court order is being violated and questioned by lawmakers and people, the agitators are even demanding to ban PETA itself for causing the ban through its petition. CM Pannerselvam’s sudden air dash to Delhi to get ordinance promulgated to lift the ban is seen as another move to score brownie points over his rivals in the ongoing cold war in AIDMK. Sasikala Natarajan, General Secretary of the AIDMK, also is trying to protect herself as real heir to Amma by vociferously demanding an ordinance to get the ban lifted. Thus all efforts to tame the bull are changing the political scenario day by day.A� How far court verdict is right and how independent our judiciary is to be decided in present war of Jallikattu.

Perhaps first time in the history of Judiciary supreme court is facing an embarrassment over its judgement banning Jallikattu because of blatant violation of its verdict by people in Tamilnadu. In a situation in which police action to implement judgement is facing a stiff resistance following massive support from all political parties, a debate to define cruelty against animal has begun in the country. In other words, in the absence of any precedence to go by, a tussle between judiciary andA� the people backed by the government is likely to lead to a constitutional crisis.

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