Jaipal Slams Modi For Ignoring His Own Promises

HYDERABAD: Stating that both Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Telangana Chief Minister Chandrasekhar Rao have made impossible promises to the people in a competitive mode, Congress senior leader Jaipal Reddy questioned Rao as to why he was extending support to the Land Acquisition Bill, which was anti-farmer, if he has no political tie-up with the BJP.

Addressing the media at Gandhi Bhavan here on Wednesday along with TSPCC President Uttam Kumar Reddy, Working President Mallu Bhatti Vikramarka, Opposition Leader in Telangana State Legislative Council Mohd Ali Shabbir, former MP Vivek and TSPCC spokesperson Shravan, Jaipal Reddy said Rao tried seriously to enter into an alliance with the BJP before elections, but TDP Chief Chandrababu Naidu succeeded in entering into alliance.

Speaking on completion of one-year rule of Modi, Jaipal Reddy alleged that the biggest promise the former made was getting back the a�?black moneya�� from Swiss Banks within 100 days after assuming office, but the promise remained unfulfilled even after he completed one year in office.

Alleging that the Prime Minister was ignorant of a history, Jaipal said, a�?Modi suffers from ignorance of history and arrogancea�? and suggested to Modi to improve his knowledge on history. a�?Otherwise personal arrogance would increase,a�? he warned.

Finding fault with Modi for ignoring External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj during his recent foreign trips, he alleged that Modi made Sushma a a�?dummya�� and his guru Advani a a�?Mummya��.

Stating that the NDA government has no right to criticize the 10-year Congress rule, he said chief economic advisor to NDA Government Arvind Subrahmanian himself stated that the rate of poverty reduction (during UPA government) was the fastest one in the Indian economic history. The same Aravind Subrahmanian, who was chanting that the Land Acquisition Bill would complete the projects, revealed that no project took off after Modi became the prime minister.

Reddy alleged that the NDA Government was not considering social impact assessment if the Land Acquisition Bill was passed in Parliament. He said the NDA government was not in a position to pass the bill in Rajya Sabha, and if the government passed the bill by conducting joint session, the people would teach the ruling party a fitting lesson in future. He also alleged that the government has released NREGA scheme funds reducing 6,000 crore rupees.

Stating that the NDA government achieved nothing, Reddy said the previous UPA Government achieved 8.5 percent growth rate but in one-year rule of NDA, the growth rate was going down.

In agriculture, the growth rate was 4.7 percent but in Modi rule, the growth rate fell down to 1.1 percent. During elections, Modi said much about China, Pakistan and Kashmir issues but after coming to power Modi was enjoying with China and Pakistan prime ministers and presidents. In Kashmir, BJP joined hands with Mufti Sarkar, Jaipal alleged and said the government was implementing Congress policies. (NSS)

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