Jagan Wants CBI Probe into Political Murders

  • Ghastly murder of Bhumi Reddy Prasad Reddy

HYDERABAD: YSR Congress Party has accused Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu of misusing official and police machinery to eliminate his political opponents and demanded a CBI inquiry into the spate of murders in Anantapur district.

A delegation of YSRCPA�MPs, MLAs and party leaders, led by the party chief Jaganmohan Reddy called on Governor Narasimhan at Raj Bhavan today and submitted a memorandum with regard to the alleged deteriorating law and order situation in Andhra Pradesh State.

The YSRCP delegation apprised the governor of various incidents that had taken place during the last few months wherein the YSRCP leaders and supporters were allegedly killed. Giving details about the incidents in the memorandum, the leaders urged the governor to institute a CBI investigation to put an end to the a�?brutal killingsa�? of the TDPa��s political opponents.

Later speaking to the media, Jaganmohan Reddy accused Chandrababu Naidu of practicing a�?politics of murdera�? to eliminate YSRCP leaders in the State. In this connection, he cited the ghastly murder of Bhumi Reddy Prasad Reddy in Raptadu town of Anantapur district on April 29 on the premises ofA�MRO Office.

According to Jagan, the officials called Prasad Reddy to the MRO officeon some pretext, and when he reached the office, he was killed brutally with the weapons hidden on the premises.

Similarly on March 31, an YSRCP Leader Vijayabhaskar Reddy,A�a single-window president, wasA�summoned and asked to resign. When refused, he was brutally murdered, Jagan explained.

Jaganwas aghast that as many as eight murders took place in Anantapur district, which happens to be the native place of the statea��s director general of police. Pointing out that the DGP, who had earlier retired, was reinstated by extension of service by Naidu, he accused Naidu of misusing the police machinery for eliminating his political rivals. As a matter of fact, the law and order in the State has deteriorated completely after the DGP got an extension, he alleged.

Replying to media, Jagan lashed out at Naidu of misleading and misguiding people. On one hand, Naidu was blaming the central government for the Statea��s financial crisis, but on the other, he was not asking his party members to quit the Modi cabinet, he pointed out, and accused Naidu of adopting double standards. He also went hammer and tongs against Naidu for splurging peoplea��s money of about 25 crore rupees for his tours in private flights. (NSS)

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