Jagan Plus Pawan, Major Changes in AP Political Scenario?

AP political scenario is heading towards Mahagatbandhan as in UP to defeat ruling party TDP as per political sources. If it is true how will it impact the TDP in coming elections.

Hyderabad: There are rumours about YSRCP roping in political analyst Prashanth Kishore (PK) for a strategy planning and implementation to defeat TDP in coming elections. Now as per sources, Prashant Kishore gave a report on the present scenario in AP politics to YSRCP.

As per the report, if YSRCP wants to come to power, it should join hands with all leading opposition parties in AP as it happened in Bihar in recent elections which helped Nitish Kumar to continue as the CM.

If opposition parties are not united on a single platform, it will benefit TDP with the split of anti-incumbency votes as per the report given by Prashanth Kishore.

Primepost.in Survey: If we keep Prashanth Kishorea��s report aside, as per our sources, the assessment appears to be near the reality if opposition parties contest on their own benefitting TDP. Same thing happened in 2009 elections when TRS, TDP, CPI, CPM contested on united front against late YSR. Result is YSR bagged maximum MP and MLA seats than his previous victory; weapon is only one thing, split in anti-incumbency votes.

Jana Sena which already announced that it will contest in 2019 elections can make an impact with a mere 3% votes split. We should not forget the margin of votes made TDP to gain power in 2014 elections was far less.

People are angry with the BJP for cheating them in the case of Special Category Status and Congress is yet to recover from the deadly blow delivered by the voters in 2014. At this juncture the only hope for YSRCP is to unite all the opposition parties which looks difficult at this juncture. This is the only advantage Naidu is having irrespective of anti m-incumbency against him in AP.

Will Pawan join hands with Jagan? This is a big doubt in the minds of political analysts. Pawan, who has craze in youth vote bank criticised Jagan several times and competed with him in organising various rallies against TDP. Pawan, recently announced support for the Congress on SCS, in fact he also extended support to the YSRCP at one time on the same SCS. But Pawana��s mentality and route is separate and he is keen on allying with Communist parties. Even in Communist parties, opinion on Pawan is divided. CPI is having soft corner for Jana Sena but CPI(M) did not utter a word until now on joining hands with him.

At the same time the CPI is distancing itself from YSRCP after Jagan met Modi. Prashant Kishorea��s strategy also did not give positive result in UP elections which resulted in BJPa��s huge gain.

But if Pawan and Jagan join hands, it will be a gain to opposition parties and a big blow for TDP. In politics anything can happen at the end of the day and if opposition parties want to sit treasury benches, the only option they have is to unite.

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