IYR To Write A Book On Land Acquisition For AP Capital

IYR Krishna Rao, who was Chief Secretary to Government of Andhra Pradesh during land acquisition for the capital, announced that he would write a book about it. It may spell trouble to the ruling party.

Hyderabad: Telugu Desam Party which sacked former Chief Secretary IYR Krishna Rao from the position of Chairman, AP Brahmin Corporation,A� might be in for trouble. It is a known fact that IYR was removed from his post in a humiliating manner.A� This attitude of Naidu towards IYR is creating annoyance amongst his community (Brahmins). They are angry with the way a senior IAS Officer, and a person who worked as a chief secretary, is being treated badly.

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If that is one side of the story, the other side is really something serious and threatening the ruling party in AP. IYR announced that he would write a book on land acquisition for the construction of the capital city of AP.A� Undoubtedly this would shake the ground under the feet of the ruling party leaders. A leading daily already has published about the capital city land scam. It was described how the TDP leaders occupied land in the capital city area. However, this was deniedA� by the ruling party and warned that legal action would be taken against the paper.

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Meanwhile, it is being said that the paper did not receive any legal notices. In this context, IYRa��s announcement that he would write a book came as a shock to the party. IYR was the Chief Secretary when land was being acquired for the capital. Hence, he would know all the loopholes in the process.

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If at all he writes a book, sensational facts would come to light. If the land scam particulars come out and that too from an authentic person like IYR, then TDP will be in real trouble. It is alleged that important persons like Union Minister of State Srujana Chowdari and film star-politician and Rajamundry MP Murali Mohan had purchase huge tracts of land near Amaravati with advanced information about the location of the new capital. There are many skeletons in Amaravati cupboard which are sure to come out tumbling with the details to be highlighted by a person of IYR’s standing.

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