IYR Krishna Rao Ventilates His Agony

Addressing a press conference on Tuesday, former CS and AP Brahmin Corporation Chairman, IYR Krishna Rao, revealed that the AP CM never gave him time to discuss issues nor asked him for an explanation about his social media posts.

Hyderabad: The following is the statement made by IYR at a media conference at press club in Hyderabad. “They wrote to me offering Chief Information Commissioner post as it is on par with the status of a Supreme Court Judge, but I told them that Ia��m not interested in it and asked them for the post of Brahmin Corporation Chairman.. This community is really distressed… I can work with passion if you can give me that.. They agreed to it and gave me the post. Today I saw the news that I was removed… If anyone of them or from their office called me and asked me to resign as there is a problem, I would have done it. Even now Ia��m ready to resign if they ask me; there is no need to remove me. But Ia��m surprised at the people who are demanding my resignation.

One day, a person called KC Cherukuri.. from Dallas, USA, and said that my posts in Facebook are not good and suggested that it would be better if I resign. I dona��t know who that person is. When I said, it is something between me and the government; he made it an issue and said that they are requesting my resignation on behalf civil society. Another person called Bodapati called me from England. He asked me if my posts in Facebook are correct or was it hacked. I told him that Ia��m answerable to the government and not him. I was very angry. People asked me but the government did not ask me.A� But, ETV is running a scroll onA� TDP spokespersona��s explanation. It said that Krishna Rao did not try to explain about his posts on Facebook. If they had asked for an explanation, I would have certainly given. I have jotted down all that TDP spokesperson had said and I will certainly give an explanation to them.

The spokesperson said that I behaved as though I am not accountable to CM. But this is not true, because Ia��ve been trying to meet the CM for the past six months.. But I could not get an appointment. Four times I went to CM peshi and waited for four hours each. Twice I got dharma darsan but twice I did not get. Once I went to a senior officer.. I told him that my ego was badly hurt. I also told him that even then I would try again.A� Finally I told his PS that, if he cana��t give me an appointment for five minutes, let me fly along with the CM.. There are many issues to discuss. Whatever the reason might be, I could not meet the CM for six months. It is not right to say that Ia��m not being accountable.

And some people are saying that a person with Cabinet rank should not behave that way. But the fact is that I dona��t have a Cabinet Rank. This is wrong publicity. Another allegation is that when meetings are held in constituencies, the news goes to YCP MLAS but not to our MLAsa��… I inform the district co-ordinators whenever I call for a meeting. All the coordinators of 13 districts are TDP activists.. If they are only informing YCP MLAsa�� and not TDP MLAsa�� then there is some serious problem in the party and that should be rectified. It is not fair to blame me for that. My meetings are organised by District Coordinator. He would inform the local MLAs. If they dona��t get information how is Krishna Rao responsible? Loans are being given to YCP members only. I totally object it. There will not be party wise beneficiaries, there will only be beneficiaries. Now people are applying for loans online. What is the necessity to allege that loans are given only to YCP members and not others?

Another allegation is that I went to Vizag to campaign for BJP.A� There are some 34-40 choultries that were built from Brahmins in 18th and 19th centuries. Of these we proposed to take over Ayyaloorivari satram in Nellore, and another in Guntur.. But it went to Endowments Department. I know that if it goes to CM, it will not get any sanction, because he cana��t take proper decision in such issues. I told the minister that if you clear it at your level, it happens otherwise not. He assured and cleared them. Still, the credit is being given to the CM alone. Publicity is made that CM has given those two choultries to Brahmins.A� Since, mountains are being created out of molehills, Ia��m revealing it.

After signing on the files, the minister asked me if I would campaign for them in Vizag.. Since it is an ally to the ruling party i thought there is nothing wrong. Nobody said that I did anything wrong. Ia��m not interested in participating in direct elections. A lot of people said that Ia��m becoming a minister. But I said that nobody gave me such offer and even if they give I would refuse. My aim is to run the corporation in right direction. Ita��s not right to say that i went to campaign because i was not given MLA post.

Ia��m wondering why such a big campaign is being made against me. Ruling party MPs like Kesineni Nani, JC Diwakar Reddy criticise CM, but did anyone note all of them? But why should someone search my wall and respond to my post? Someone commented on my post that since JC Diwakar Reddy is an MP, Airlines should give him some time. I responded strongly, there will be a protocol officer, generally VIPs arrive half an hour late.. Since he did not arrive during the grace time doors were closed. When I was young, they used to stop the bus for half an hour for Sarpanch. Though our leaders become national leaders, their Sarpanch level behaviour is intact. He was very angry with my answer.

So he dug and brought out some posts that I posted long time ago. He shared them. One of them is about Ravi Kiran who was arrested on April 22. I felt very bad when he was arrested. I did not understand if we are in fascist State or democracy. One should laugh at a political satire or keep quite. If they had asked me why I posted them, I would have explained. But no one asked me. Facebook is meant to express oneself. I shared many posts from Donald Trump to plantains in Srikakulam. I shared a post saying that giving tax subsidy to Gautamiputra Satakarni is not legal. They did not like it. They asked me why I shared a post against government. Even now I say the same. Is it fair to give subsidy to historical movie that has been distorted? Is it not unfair? Bahubali is given extra scenes. Ia��ve not watched Gautamiputra Satakarni but watched Bahubali.. But it is personal. It is not correct to say that I was against Anil Singhala��s posting as TTD EO. In fact, I shared a post that it is not north, south issue. But there is a tradition of appointing Telugus to this post. Is there any necessity to break this trandition? Why did they do it? These are the posts that I shared.

I dona��t believe that the corporation will degenerate as Ia��m not there. There is a necessity to protect it. If one has to surrender to the political leaders, it is better to get such a person. CM certainly got political mileage out of Brahmin Corporation. There are many issues in governmenta��s governance. Facts are not reaching Andhra people. There are no neutral papers like Vartha and Udayam today. Due to lack of this, truth is not reaching people. It is everyonea��s responsibility to take truth to people. Ia��m ready to speak about it.a�?

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