Ia��ve Nothing To Miss In India, Says Vijay Mallya

The liquor tycoon is enjoying himself in the UK; horse racing at Royal Ascot, Wimbledon, Champions Trophy and the latest Formula One promotion have been on his itinerary.

Silverstone, England: The a�?King of Good Timesa�?, Vijay Vittal Mallya, is happy that his issue with India is finally before a a�?UK court and an impartial courta�? and asserts a�?I have done absolutely nothing wronga�?.

India is seeking Mallya’s extradition over $1.4 billion that authorities say he owes as a result of loans tied to his defunct Kingfisher Airlines. The liquor tycoon, known for his extravagant lifestyle, has dismissed the charges against him. “This witch hunt against me has been going on for a while,” maintains Mallya, who now considers Britain his second home.

Though embattled by court cases in India, he is known to have been enjoying a luxurious life in England. When asked at a promotional event on Wednesday whether he was missing India, the liquor baron maintained that he doesna��t have anything there to miss.

Does it mean that he isna��t ever planning to visit India? Seems so, for he had kept away from a hearing in the Supreme Court of India on July 10. The countrya��s apex court had asked him to present himself before it for contempt of court, as he had earlier failed to appear before the SC despite having been summoned.

Within the UK, Vijay Mallya has been enjoying horse racing at Royal Ascot. The Wimbledon and Champions Trophy too have been on his social diary, as has been Formula One promotional event in London on Wednesday.

“So, it isn’t as if I have any emotional ups and downs. I have done absolutely nothing wrong. In fact I am glad that it (the Indian extradition case) is finally before a UK court and an impartial court. So, we wait and see how it plays out,” the liquor tycoon said stoically.

The full extradition hearing in UK has been provisionally listed to start onA�December 4A�and is expected to last two weeks. Though police in UK arrested him recently in relation to the extradition case, he obtained a bail immediately.

On its behalf, the Indian Government is trying all means to get Vijay Mallya extradited to India.

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