Ita��s coalition government in Maharashtra

  • BJP gets majority in Haryana Assembly

  • Shiv Sena, the best bet in Maha

New Delhi, October 19: Narendra Modia��s continuing grip on the peoplesa�� pulse was once again proved by the results of Maharashta and Haryana assembly elections. The Modi wave has swept through Haryana by demolishing the ruling Congress and local National Lok Dal and succeeded in achieving half-way mark. In fact, the strength of BJP was just 4 in 2009 elections but it rose to 48, which is the result of nothing but the Modi wave. Of course, there is not a single strong leader from BJP in Haryana. Modi has demonstrated that the BJP has become more popular than the Shiv Sena in Maharashtra.

The Modi wave made BJP the single largest party in Maharashtra by winning 119 in 288-seast assembly.A�With the BJP falling far short of a clear majority in the Maharashtra, Shiv Sena and the NCP became kingmakers in deciding the nature of the next government. Of course it is going to be a coalition government. Though it is uncertain that which will ally with the BJP in Maharashtra, there is possibility of support from erstwhile partener, Shiv Sena to BJP. The signals from both Shiv Sena and BJP are strong that there would be some understanding in establishing government.

In Maharashtra, the BJP is the front runner with 119 followed by Shivasena-59, Congress-44 and NCP-43. The Cong-NCP combine lost 57 seats among themselves from its 2009 tallhy 144 to just 87 in 2014 elections. The ruling congress lost 38 seats (82 in 2009) and the NCP lost 19 (62 seats in 2009).

Of course, there are speculations that the trio a�� Shiv Sena, NCP and Congress a�� may capture Maharashtra. But the BJP and Shiv Sena are already in talks with each other to form government though there is no word about any conditions.

In the 288-seat assembly in Maharashtra, 144 is the magic halfway number.

BJP for tie up with Shiv Sena

The most likely outcome is the alliance between BJP and Shiv Sena. There was past history where these two had been in alliance for 25 years. The alliance ended in acrimony last month, just days before nominations were closed. This equation would work best for the BJP, though Shiv Senaa��s performance was below par. The struggle by SS to maintain its identity did not succeed and it is not in a position to put forward any conditions. On the other side, the NCP also openly offered outside support to BJP, although it was an ally of Congress for many years.

BJP senior leader Vinay Sahasrabuddhe said that the Shiv Sena must respect the result and come forward on its own to support BJP which will treat it fairly. T he Maharashtra BJP state president Devendra Fadnavi said that Shiv Sena is not at all an opponent and, infact, it has been always a friend.

The insistence of Udhav Thakeray on the post of Chief Minister was one of the main reasons for the break-up with BJP. After the split with the BJP in last month, Udhav went on the offensive, alleging betrayal at various rallies and through his party mouthpiece, a�?Saamnaa��. As the exit poll survey results earlier this week showed the BJP is performing strongly, Shiv Sena scaled down its onslaught considerably, saying that it was a�?heartbrokena�� due its divorce from the BJP.

In Maharashtra, the BJP story is less compelling, although impressive. The BJP has emerged as the single largest party but fell short of a majority. In fact, if the non-BJP parties want to spite the BJP, they can form a government with Sena at the helm and the others in alliance or offering outside support.

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