IT jobs: India among the lowest paid

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Jobs in information technology and related fields are considered well paid. One could hear stories of lads and lasses splurging bundles of money at weekend bashes. And, their lifestyle has changed the complexion of IT hubs like Bangalore, Hyderabad, Gurgaon, etc. But dona��t get carried away by the youngstersa�� hi-end bikes and spending sprees. They are not as much paid as their counterparts in the West.

Thata��s not a secret. Everyone in the industry knows that by western standards what the ITians in India are paid is a pittance compared to their peers elsewhere. Low salary is the secret of our success as backroom office for the world. Notwithstanding the odd and long working hours, our boys and girls toil for salaries that are less than those in other parts of the world because still the pay and perks are more than the average in this country.

These facts have been made bare in a survey.A� According to’s Worldwide IT Salary 2015 Survey, India was ranked 7th on the list of lowest paymasters for IT managers, down by one position from last year’s. While Indian IT managers drew an average salary of $41,213, Bulgaria topped the list with a meagre $25,680, followed by Vietnam and Thailand averaging at $30,938 and $34,423, respectively.

On the other hand, the best IT paymasters are Swiss (about Rs. 1.12 crores per annum), followed by Belgium, Denmark, the US and the UK. Now, ITians can decide where to go!

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