It is now official: AP Capital in Guntur district

  • Naidu declares it himself

  • Govt. to acquire land in 200 square kms.

  • Lands from Sitanagaram to Mangalgiri to Dondapadu

  • Inner, inner ring roads planned

  • Farmers to be offered irresistible deal

  • About 50,000 acres to be earmarked for capital


prakasam barrage 1Vijayawada, October 9: Now it is official. Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Nara Chandrababu Naidu himself has announced on Wednesday that the capital of the new state would in Guntur district. He indicated that the new city would come up in about 50,000 acres of land to be acquired in the area adjoining the backwaters of Prakasham Barrage on River Krishna. It is presumed that 8 to 10 kms southwards into Guntur district from Prakasham Barrage would be earmarked for this purpose. This may fall in the backside of autonagar in Mangalagiri. The government may acquire land along 25 kms in the western part of Guntur district. It would approximately fall in the vicinity of Dondapadu village. From this village the land would be taken over for about 10 kms towards north. While Prakasam Barrage would be one border, Autonagar in Mangalagiri would be the second border, Dondapadu village would form the third border and the fourth border in the northern part of Guntur district. Over all, land in about 200 square kms would be examined for this purpose. On the South of Prakasham Barrage there is Sitanagaram village where Jina jeeyar Swamy has his ashram. The government wants to leave about two kms from that village and start acquiring from there onwards.

Will the government go for land pooling or would it take over the land by outright purchase making the owners of the land partners in development? This is the question that has been worrying the people in this region. While they are happy that their area was selected for the new capital, they are concerned about the policy the government is going to adopt to acquire land. Naidu has offered to develop the land acquired and allocate 1500 square yards per acre of developed land to the land owners beside paying the value of the land as decided by the government. The rate offered by the government would be much more than the registration rate which in this area at present is about Rs 15 lakh per acre. The government is prepared to pay four or five times to that rate. If the offer to allocate developed land is accepted by the owners, who are mostly farmers, in the region the transaction would be smooth and it would be a win-win deal. Naidu hopes that the formula adopted by Chhattisgadh government while acquiring lands for its new capital Naya Raigarh wmangalagiriould be acceptable to the people of Guntur district as well. Naidu recently paid visit to Chhattisgarh, went to Naya Raigarh and discussed with his counterpart, Raman Singh. Naidu has been repeatedly telling the people that the farmers who offer their lands would be making good money and it would a very profitable proposition for them. Though there are some farmers who say their fields yield three crops a year and they would not like to part with the fields which are blessed with assured canal water supply, they may be ultimately persuaded or forced to fall in line. The government can always bring about a law making it mandatory for the farmers to surrender the lands. The government would like to make the offer irresistible for the farmers so that land acquisition would be bogged down in legal issues. The government wants to offer equal area of land in lieu of the land taken over by it if the owners insist on land for land deal. This land may be adjacent to the inner ring road planned for the new city.

As the new capital would be built on both sides of the Krishna river, the government is envisaging to build six-row bridges at three or four points to felicitate smooth traffic from all sides. Bhavani island in the middle of Krishna river would be developed as a tourist centre. Naidu government is contemplating laying of inner ring road of 75 kms length and a far longer outer ring road. The government is also keen to develop the lands taken from the farmers at a faster pace. Naidu is also considering a proposal to establish AP Capital Authority.

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