ISRO to make India proud

Vijayawada: ISRO onA�Feb 15th using PSLV satellite will put on 104 satellittes in space which will be a world record which is going to make country proud. This is of a single mission and until now no other country tried crossing century. Previous record was held by Russia with 37.

It is a significant development as it unites rivals Arab and Israel for the first time which will set an inevitable benchmark for other nations. 23% hike in this yeara��s budget by Central Government for Space and Technology will start Mission to Venus which will be slated for 2021-2022 which involve Robot (rover) on the surface of Venus.

Out of 104 satellites, 3 are from India and 101 are from different countries. K. Kasthuri Rangan, former ISRO Chairman said exploring Venus and Mars are worthwhile. South Asian region will be monitored by cartorat-2 series satellite with a resolution of less than one meter. San Francisco based company will be sending 88 satellites which they call as DOVES. All 101 satellites will be released into space with less than 600 seconds. It is 39th launch by PSLV.

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