ISRO Launches PSLV With 31 Satellites From Sriharikota

ISRO scientists have successfully launched PSLV-C28 carrying 21 satellites into the space on Friday morning.

Sriharikota: PSLV-C38 is the Indiaa��s 40th vehicle carrying 31 satellites including ISROs own Cartosat-2 series satellite for earth observation and one Nano satellite from India. The other 29 satellites are of International customers being arranged by Antrix Corporation, the commercial wing of SHAR.

The 29n co-passenger satellites are Nano satellites from fourteen different countries including USA, UK, Germany, Japan, Italy, Austria, Belgium, etc. A� See Also:A�India To Launch 31 Satellites In Friday, Countdown Begins

The total weight of all these satellites in PSLV-C28 would be about 955 kg. This is part of series of successful launches that SHAR has had undertaken. Sriharikota has become of well known Centre for launching satellites belonging to various countries in the world. The Centre has been earning substantial foreign exchange which more than what it spends on its operations. A�See Also:A�Opposition Announces Meira Kumar As Presidential Candidate

The beauty of this Launch is one rocket is used to put satellites in different orbits. In normal conditions, each satellite needs one rocket to enter its specific orbit. The scientists at SHAR have modernisedPS-4 engine in PSLV. ISRO chairman AS Kiran Kumar arrived here on Thursday to personally monitor the launch.

Earlier the chairman and scientists went to Tirumala with the specimen of the rocket to place it at the feet of Lord Balaji and worship. See Also:A�Chiru + Pawan, Will There Be Last Minute Twist?

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  1. June 23, 2017

    […] The little satellite named after scientist and former president Abdul Kalam, was flown by a Nasa sounding rocket and was launched from the Wallop Island facility around 3 pm (IST). In 1960s Kalam is said to have his training in the sounding rocket programme at Wallops Island. Only Kalamsat was the Indian payload in the mission.  See Also: ISRO Launches PSLV With 31 Satellites From Sriharikota […]

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