ISIS Sympathisers Arrested, Let Off

Police took Salman Mohiuddin, Abdullah Basith and Qureshi into custody for questioning and booked for sedition on Thursday.

Hyderabad: Three alleged ISIS sympathisers, who were taken into custody after an English news channel telecasted their interviews exposing their continuing links with the ISIS, were let off after bound over by the executive magistrate.

Police took Salman Mohiuddin, AbdullahA�BasithA�and Qureshi into custody for questioning and bookedA�for sedition on Thursday. The youngsters were produced before a magistrate and let off after they were bound by the court.

A case was registered against them under Section 121 (Waging or attempting to wage war or abetting waging of war, against Government of India) and 124 A (Sedition).

The police placed them under preventive arrest after questioning and produced before the executive magistrate at the Hyderabad Collectora��s Office. After they were bound, they were let off, said police sources.

The news channel has been served a notice asking them to hand over the original interview tape. The police said that the content on the tape will be verified before proceeding further.

Salman Mohiuddin who worked in the US as an engineer andA�returned,A�was arrested in 2015. It was alleged that he was preparing to board a flight to Dubai, purportedly on his way to Syria to join ISIS.

Meanwhile,A�BasithA�was also arrested from Nagpur in December 2015, when he was allegedly on his way to join the ISIS and Qureshi was also taken into custody earlier on similar charges.

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