Is Vijayawada Turning To Its Notorious Olden Days?

Call Money-Sex Racket, land grabbing, and kidnaps have become a daily affair in Vijayawada these days reminding the bad-old days of 1970s and 1980s, where goons ruled the roost.

Amaravati: Vijayawada is witnessing a total failure of law and order, taking the city to the bygone days of 1970s and 1980s where day light murders, kidnaps and property loots were the order of the day.

The life in the city was in the grip of fear and a government posting to the city was treated as a punishment in those days. Eventually, The gangsters had vanished and the crime had come down giving a new ray of hope to the city dwellers.

Unfortunately, for the past two years, the happenings in the city make people recall those ugly days. It all began with the call money-sex racket, the crime that reached its culmination with the kidnap and physical torture of a person for money.

The injuries to the body of the victim and his account of the torture that he was subjected to during his illegal confinement by a group of doctors, supported by the two senior police officers and a journalist, recall those black days of the city.

The victim, Tammareddi Bhramaji, who is now undergoing a treatment in a private hospital, alleged that doctors have kidnapped him.

Bhramaji listed the names — Help Hospitals Managing Director Chalapati Ravi, and his brother Chalapati Venkateswara Rao, Time Hospitals Managing Director Myneni Hemanth and noted neurologist Puvvada Ramakrishna.

The doctors have allegedly had the support from senior police officers — John Kennedy, an Inspector of Patamata Police Station and Suryachandra Rao, ACP crime, and a journalist.

The police department, after initial enquiry, initiated departmental action against the two police officers, indicating that the kidnap and the assault on the financer was true and the involvement of the police has the evidence.

Not just this incident, but also the incidents that have happened recently in the city over the past two years have caused panic among the citizens. The call money-sex racket was the scariest incident that shook the state. Some leaders in the city, including some police and government officials have indulged in sexual exploitation of women borrowers.

The government instead of taking action against the accused had diluted the case targeting the money lenders and thus ignoring the sexual exploitation of the borrowers.

The last week incident in which a 12-year-old girl cried for help and finally died of blood cancer has also exposed the 1970s and 1980s anti-social activities of the city.

The mother of the 12-year-old girl alleged that a legislator and his supporters have prevented her from selling the house. As she could not take possession of her house from the grabbers and provide better treatment to her daughter, the girl died leaving the city shocked.

Now, the kidnap and physical torture of a businessman by some doctors with the support of the police, causes chaos among the denizens. These incidents clearly expose the failure of the police in protecting law and order in the city. It also reveals the failure of the government in keeping the anti-social elements under control.

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