Is Vijayawada Turning To Its Notorious Olden Days?

Call Money-Sex Racket, land grabbing, and kidnaps have become a daily affair in Vijayawada these days reminding the bad-old days of 1970s and 1980s, where goons ruled the roost.

Amaravati: Vijayawada is witnessing a total failure of law and order, taking the city to the bygone days of 1970s and 1980s where day light murders, kidnaps and property loots were the order of the day.

The life in the city was in the grip of fear and a government posting to the city was treated as a punishment in those days. Eventually, The gangsters had vanished and the crime had come down giving a new ray of hope to the city dwellers.

Unfortunately, for the past two years, the happenings in the city make people recall those ugly days. It all began with the call money-sex racket, the crime that reached its culmination with the kidnap and physical torture of a person for money.

The injuries to the body of the victim and his account of the torture that he was subjected to during his illegal confinement by a group of doctors, supported by the two senior police officers and a journalist, recall those black days of the city.

The victim, Tammareddi Bhramaji, who is now undergoing a treatment in a private hospital, alleged that doctors have kidnapped him.

Bhramaji listed the names — Help Hospitals Managing Director Chalapati Ravi, and his brother Chalapati Venkateswara Rao, Time Hospitals Managing Director Myneni Hemanth and noted neurologist Puvvada Ramakrishna.

The doctors have allegedly had the support from senior police officers — John Kennedy, an Inspector of Patamata Police Station and Suryachandra Rao, ACP crime, and a journalist.

The police department, after initial enquiry, initiated departmental action against the two police officers, indicating that the kidnap and the assault on the financer was true and the involvement of the police has the evidence.

Not just this incident, but also the incidents that have happened recently in the city over the past two years have caused panic among the citizens. The call money-sex racket was the scariest incident that shook the state. Some leaders in the city, including some police and government officials have indulged in sexual exploitation of women borrowers.

The government instead of taking action against the accused had diluted the case targeting the money lenders and thus ignoring the sexual exploitation of the borrowers.

The last week incident in which a 12-year-old girl cried for help and finally died of blood cancer has also exposed the 1970s and 1980s anti-social activities of the city.

The mother of the 12-year-old girl alleged that a legislator and his supporters have prevented her from selling the house. As she could not take possession of her house from the grabbers and provide better treatment to her daughter, the girl died leaving the city shocked.

Now, the kidnap and physical torture of a businessman by some doctors with the support of the police, causes chaos among the denizens. These incidents clearly expose the failure of the police in protecting law and order in the city. It also reveals the failure of the government in keeping the anti-social elements under control.

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Govt Declares Vijayawada A Metropolitan City


Amaravati: Andhra Pradesh government had declared Vijayawada a metropolitan city merging several of the gram panchayats on the outskirts. This would help the government get financial clearances for its proposed mega project – Metro rail.

Being the temporary capital of the State as Amaravati is in the making, the government had taken up several plans to develop Vijayawada city on the national standards. Metro rail is one such plan, though the city is too small for the project, in terms of its viability. The government had proposed two corridors for the project each running for 12 kilometers from the originate station at the Pundit Nehru Bus Station. The metro trains would travel for 12 kilometers on Bandar Road up to Kanuru and Eluru Road up to Nidamanuru. The project also proposed its base station at Nidamanuru where the district administration is having tough time to acquire the agriculture lands.

The government had brought the gram panchats of Gollapudi on Hyderabad route, Ambapuram, Jakkampudi, Pathapadu and Nunna on Nuzvid route, Ramavarappadu, Prasadampadu, Enikepadu, Nidamanuru, Done Athkuru, Gudavalli, Kesarapalli, Buddhavaram and Gannavaram on Eluru route, Yanamalakudur, Kanuru, Tadigadapa, Poranki and Penamaluru on Machilipatnam route, under the Vijayawada city limits. The area and the population of these gram panchayats merged with Vijayawada Municipal Corporation would make the city a Metropolitan city, the official said. The 61.9 square km city with a population of 10.33 lakh as per 2011 census would now have 160 square km with an estimated population of 18 lakh.

There have been proposals to merge these gram panchayats with the city for more than two decades. Similar proposals were made in 1990s when Dr Jandhyala Shankar was the Mayor. Dr Shankar had greater plans for the inclusion of inclusion of villages up to Ibrahimpatnam on Hyderabad route, up to Kankipadu on Machilipatnam route, Gannavaram on Eluru route and Mangalagiri on Guntur side to make Vijayawada a greater city. However, they were shelved for different reasons. Another proposal was made in early 2000s to merge villages adjacent to the city which was also opposed by the political parties.

Now, in the changed scenario with the city serving as the base of the temporary capital, the Vijayawada Municipal Commissioner G Veerapandian and the Amaravati Metro Rail Project managing director, Ramakrishna Reddy have written to the government in 2015 to merge the gram panchayats with the city. Finally the government had considered the request and declared the merger of these villages with the city.

As the Amaravati Metro Rail Project has plans to expand the metro rail in the second phase to Gollapudi and Gannavaram, the expansion of the city limits would come in handy for the government to execute the project without much difficulty.   

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Vijayawada Photographer Gets National Award

Amaravati: A news photographer from Vijayawada had received the national award in New Delhi on Thursday. Minister for Information and Broadcasting M Venkaiah Naidu had presented the award.  

Ch Narayana Rao, senior photographer working in Deccan Chronicle, had won the national recognition and bagged National Photography Award. He was selected for special mention award in the professional category, earlier last month. He is the only photographer from the two Telugu States to be honoured this year.

The photo division of the Union Ministry of Information and Broadcasting gives the annual national awards on various themes. This year ‘’Skilled India’’ theme was selected for the awards. Narayana Rao’s photograph with Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu explaining how all the transactions can be done with mobile phone was selected for the award.

Working as photojournalist for the last 23 years, Narayana Rao won many awards at the State and national levels. He received associationship from the British Royal Photographic Society and the India International Photographic Council. This year, he was also honoured by the American Image Colleague Society and United States Photographic Alliance Association.


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Two photojournalists appreciated In Vijayawada

Dara Gopi

Vijayawada: For extending their support to the needy, two photojournalists- Challa Mallikharjun (Eenadu) and Donthireddy Suman Reddy (The Times of India), got appreciations from government hospital staff and local corporator on Friday.

The two photojournalists, who went to New Government Hospital on duty purpose around 9 am on Friday observed one old couple, Yesuratnam and Leela, waiting outside for help to reach their village, Penamaluru. Their daughter Devinamma died due to Pneumonia on Friday and the couple have no money to take the body to their village for cremation.

Knowing their situation, the two lens men approached the elder couple and tried to help them by hiring an auto to their village. However, the reluctant auto driver did not allow the couple to carry the body on humanitarian grounds.

Then both the photojournalists approached local corporator Kaku Mallikharjuna Rao and hospital development committee chairman DV Umamaheswara Rao, who attended a program in GGH, for help. They reacted to the incident and arranged private ambulance for carrying the body to their village and gave Rs 1000 to the couple for cremation.

Appreciating their social responsibility, both the corportor and development committee chairman praised the humanity of photojournalists and said scribes are serving the society with their selfless service through their profession.

“We took journalism not only as a profession but to highlight the unknown social issues to the people’s fore. Journalism is a divine profession and the role of photojournalists should be appreciated,” said AP Photo Journalists Associations (APPJA) president N Sambasiva Rao

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Vijayawada gears up for Metro Rail Project, set to divert vehicular traffic


Vijayawada: The Vijayawada city is getting ready for its prestigious Metro Rail Project, which would have two corridors – one on M G Road and the other on Karl Marx Road (Eluru Road). The two-corridor project would have its main station at Nidamanuru for which the district administration had identified the land and initiated steps to acquire it. Though the farmers from Nidamanuru village have been opposing the land acquisition, the administration is going ahead with the project. On Friday, Krishna district Collector Babu Ahmad held a meeting with the district officials on the alternative arrangements to be made for vehicular traffic diversion to facilitate the work on the metro rail project.

In addition to the metro rail project, the city is set to witness the work on the flyover at Benz Circle. This would be in addition to the flyover works in progress at Kanakadurga temple and expansion of the national highway at Krishnalanka, which are causing diversion of the vehicular traffic in the respective areas. Once the metro rail project works begin on the two major roads – M G Road and Eluru Road, the vehicular traffic is set to have a big trouble giving a toughest time for the citizens. The vehicular traffic on the Chennai-Kolkata and Hyderabad-Machilipatnam too would have to be diverted without touching the city once the flyover works at Benz Circle begin. The city provides connectivity to the vehicular traffic on the two national highways moving on Chennai, Kolkata and Hyderabad sectors. The Hyderabad sector would have vehicles coming from Mumbai and Nagapur heading either to Chennai or Kolkata that are to be diverted without touching the city.

The Metro rail project on M G Road would be built from Pundit Nehru Bus Station to Penamaluru, while the second sector would be built from bus station to Nidamanuru.

The district Collector had instructed the officials of the Panchayat Raj, Roads and Buildings, Municipal Corporation, national highways and irrigation to provide alternative roads for the vehicular movement from the two major roads once the works begin. The M G Road with highest vehicular population has two alternative roads, Krishnalanka Road and Pinnamaneni Poly Clinic Road, which are already congested. The Eluru road also has two alternative roads – Christurajapuram-Mogalrajapuram road and the BRTS Road. Vehicular traffic from these two busy roads are to be diverted to facilitate the Metro rail project.

The district Collector had directed the officials, particularly the Municipal and the Police to ensure that there would be no traffic problem on these roads once the traffic is diverted. He wanted the police to ensure that enough number of personnel are posted to regulate the traffic.

Krishna district joint collector Gandham Chandrudu, Municipal Commissioner G Veerapandian, revenue divisional officer Cherukuri Rangaiah, Sub-Collector Balaji and other officials were present at the review meeting.


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Vijayawada: 10 Dead, Many Injured As Bus Falls into Canal

Nandigama: A private bus plunged into a canal in wee hours of Tuesday near Vijayawada causing death of 10 persons with more than 30 people injured.

Diwakar Travles, a private bus heading from Bhuvaneswar to Hyderabad met with this mishap due to driver’s drowsyness since it was very early in the morning. Bus which was heading towards Hyderabad had a stop at Vijayawada in early hours for the changeover of the driver.

Mishap occurred in early hours of Tuesday around 5.30 am. The injured were rushed to hospital in. Early Nangigams, Jaggaiagpeta and Vijayawada. Deputy CM Chinarajappa instructed Krishna district police to undertake rescue operation s on an emergency basis.

Front portion of bus was smashed and many passengers were  trapped inside, police had to use cutters to rescue them.

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Jagan needs to shift political base to Vijayawada to strengthen his party

Vijayawada: Andhra Pradesh Opposition leader and YSRCP president YS Jaganmohan Reddy has to shift to Vijayawada from Hyderabad in order to lead the party from the front. Jagan has been addressing well- attended meetings in different towns at regular intervals and going back to Hyderabad in a hit and run fashion.

The popularity graph of AP Chief Minister Nara Chandrababu Naidu has been steadily dwindling but the graph of the Opposition leader has not been rising proportionally, according to observers. The YCP leaders and cadres become active only when the party chief comes. They are not involved in street fights with TDP leaders. YCP leaders with considerable stature maintain cordial relations with their local opponents. They criticise only the chief minister and his son Lokesh.

Even in Vijayawada, the main turf for political battles, the YCP is represented by non-serious players.  Gautham Reddy who lost in the last Assembly elections to Bonda Umamaheswara Rao with a wide margin cannot effectively represent the party. People have high expectations from the party.  Vangaveeti Radhakrishna could have taken up the challenge and become a powerful spokesman of the party.  But he is yet to take politics seriously. He is cozy with some TDP leaders and does not react on issues. Radha became active only after famous film director Ram Gopal Varma poked him with a film on his father Vangaveeti Ranga.  Vasireddy Padma, a good communicator and official spokesperson of YCP, is not based out of Vijayawada. She shuttles between Hyderabad and Vijayawada. 

It is high time that Jagan and his main team of leaders started to stay here and be available to the party cadres and the common people who wish to represent their grievances to the Opposition leaders.

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గాజుల దుర్గమ్మ

  • అయిదు లక్షల గాజులతో అమ్మవారికి, ఆలయానికి అద్భుత అలంకారం

విజయవాడ:  ఇంద్రకీలాద్రిపై  ఇవాళ గాజుల ఉత్సవం నిర్వహించారు. ఈ మంగళవారం రోజున కనకదుర్గ అమ్మవారిని అత్యంత ప్రసన్నమూర్తిగా గాజులతో అలంకరించారు. అమ్మవారి మూలవిరాట్టుతో పాటు అంతరాలయాన్ని సైతం గాజులతో అందంగా తీర్చిదిద్దారు. ఈ ఉత్సవం కోసం భక్తుల నుంచి 4లక్షలకు పైగా గాజులు వచ్చాయి. మరో లక్ష గాజులు ఆలయ అధికారులు కొనుగోలు చేసి అలంకరణకు ఉపయోగించారు. ప్రధాన ఆలయంతో పాటు మహా మండపంలోని ఉత్సవ మూర్తికి ఈ గాజులతో అలంకారం చేసారు. ఎక్కువ గాజులను ఇక్కడే ఉపయోగించారు. గాజుల ఉత్సవం వేడుకను చూడాలంటే ఉత్సవమూర్తిని దర్శించుకోవాల్సిందే.

దుర్గమ్మను ఇలా అలంకరించి ప్రత్యేక పూజలు ఏర్పాటు చేయడం ఇక్కడ భక్తుల్లో ఆనందాన్ని నింపుతోంది. తొలిసారిగా  అమ్మవారికి గాజులతో ప్రత్యేకంగా అలంకరించటం పట్ల భక్తులు సంతోషం వ్యక్తం చేస్తున్నారు. అమ్మవారిని దసరా వేడుకల్లోనే కాకుండా ఇలాంటి ఉత్సవాల సందర్భంగా ప్రత్యేకంగా అలంకరించటం ఆలయ వైభవాన్ని మరింతగా పెంచటమేనని చెబుతున్నారు. గాజుల అలంకారంలో అమ్మవారిని దర్శించేందుకు భక్తులు పెద్ద  సంఖ్యలో తరలివస్తున్నారు.

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కనకదుర్గమ్మకు అపచారం

  • శుద్ధి చేసిన గర్భగుడిలోకి వీఐపీ కుటుంబ సభ్యుల ప్రవేశం
  • అంత సేపూ బయటే ఉండిపోయిన నివేదన పదార్థాలు
  • అపచారానికి భక్తుల ఆవేదన, స్పందించని ఈఓ

విజయవాడ: విజయవాడ కనకదుర్గమ్మ దేవస్థానంలో దసరా ఉత్సవాల్లో అమ్మవారికి అపచారం జరిగింది. ప్రతిరోజు అమ్మవారికి మధ్యాహ్నం పన్నెండు గంటలకు నివేదన సమర్పిస్తూ వుంటారు. నివేదన వచ్చే సమయంలో గర్భాలయంను పూర్తిగా ఖాళీ చేయిస్తారు. తరువాత పండితులు ఆలయాన్ని మంత్రజలంతో శుద్దిచేస్తారు. ఆ తరువాత గర్భాలయంలోని మూల విరాట్ కు నైవేద్యం గా సమర్పిస్తారు.

అయితే ఈ రోజు నివేదన కోసం గర్భాలయం ను శుద్ధి చేసిన తరువాత అప్పుడే అమ్మవారి దర్శనం కోసం వచ్చిన విఐపిల కుటుంబ సభ్యులను లోనికి పంపించారు.  ఆలయ సిబ్బంది ఇది తప్పు అని చెబుతున్నప్పటికీ సదరు విఐపిలు పోలీస్ ఉన్నతాధికారుల కుటుంబ సభ్యులు కావడంతో వారిని పోలీసులు లోనికి పంపించారు. దీనితో సమయానికి నివేదన వచ్చినా గర్భాలయంలో విఐపిలు వుండటంతో నివేదన బయటనే నిలిపివేశారు. ఇది అపచారం అంటూ ఆలయ పండితులు ఆందోళన చేయడంతో గర్భాలయంలోని విఐపిలను బయటకు పిలిపించారు.

అమ్మవారి ఆలయంలో దసరా ఉత్సవాల్లో ఇటువంటి అపచారం జరగడం ఇదే తొలిసారని అంటూ ఆలయ పండితులు ఆవేదన చెందుతున్నారు. అప్పటికే సమయం మించిపోతోందని మరోసారి శుద్ది చేయకుండానే ఆలయంలోకి నివేదనను తీసుకువెళ్ళారు. ఆలయంలో ఇటువంటి అపచారం భక్తుల కళ్ళ ముందే జరుగుతున్నా కనీసం ఈఓ  స్పందించక పోవడం చర్చనీయాంశంగా మారింది.

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Andhra Pradesh government felicitates PV Sindhu and P Gopi Chand

  • Vijayawada echoes with Sindhu…Sindhu…
  • Warm welcome at her mother’s place

Vijayawada: PV Sindhu and her coach Pullela Gopichand landed in Vijayawada by a special flight for celebrations on Tuesday.  A large number of students and fans were lined up on either side of the road to welcome the champ as she emerged from the airport.

Standing in a specially decorated open-top double-decker bus with her coach, parents, sister Divya, and some ministers of Andhra Pradesh, Sindhu waved at the huge crowd. She kept displaying her Olympic medal proudly.

Amid the drum beats, the victory rally began around 10.30 am. It passed through different parts of the city before reaching Indira Gandhi Municipal Stadium, where Mr Naidu greeted her.

PV Sindhu gamely played some shots on stage with Andhra Pradesh CM N Chandrababu Naidu in the event.

Babu plays badmintion with Sindhu. Can Sindhu play politics with Babu?!

Chandrababu-sindhu playing shuttle-23Sindhu, her coach and their families are reportedly keen to take a holy dip in river Krishna and visit a temple in Pushkar.

 Both Andhra Pradesh and Telangana claim that 21-year-old Sindhu belongs to them and so the star athlete has to participate in double celebrations. Coach Gopichand yesterday said that “Sindhu belongs to India,” which her parents have endorsed.

Sindhu’s father PV Ramana is from Telangana and her mother, P Vijaya, is from Andhra Pradesh.

After a 33-hour-long journey back home from Rio in Brazil where this year’s Olympics were held, Sindhu and Gopichand went straight from Hyderabad airport to the city stadium, where they spent hours at the celebrations organised by the Telangana government. The day stretched and ended late with a meeting with Chief Minister K Chandrashekhar Rao.

Both states have announced big cash rewards and prime residential land and have offered Sindhu a government job.


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