Is TDP Getting Weakened Because Of Its Own Strategy?

In AP Telugu Desam Party (TDP) has perpetrated something of which it is a victim in neighbouring Telangana. While TRS attracted all mass leaders from the TDP in Telangana, TDP implemented the same strategy in AP and attracted MLAs from YSRCP in a bid to weaken the opposition.

Amaravati: These days it has become common for the parties that won the elections to attract strong leaders from their rival parties by hook or crook to weaken them. Every party that criticised the ruling party for resorting to such tactics is adopting the same strategy to weaken opposition where it is a ruling party.

In Andhra Pradesh, too Telugu Desam Party has done something which it suffered in Telangana. While TRS attracted all its mass leaders in Telangana, TDP has been applying the same strategy and attracted leaders from YSR Congress Party in a bid to weaken it.

But, now the same Telugu Desam Party is paying for its unprincipled politics. They calculated that YSRCP will automatically crumble if they get the leaders despite opposition from within. Sources say that Naidu justified his act by saying that the number of constituencies is going to increase and there will not be any problem.

Forget the increase of constituencies, the mess in Telugu Desam reached the peak. The floor crossing into Telugu Desam led to political murders. The leaders who were MLAs and MLCs clashed openly before the ministers who were present at that venue. But all the ministers remained silent witnesses. In fact, the whole State is observing these internal fights in Telugu Desam Party.

Whatever Naidu’s intention might be in attracting the opposition MLAs, it is leading to political murders. People who are observing these developments are saying that TDP is destroying itself instead of damaging the YSRCP.

Such fights are not limited to Prakasham district. Rivalries are simmering in all the constituencies though dormant. At least half a dozen districts are acutely affected. From Anantapur to Northern Andhra Pradesh one can find such groupism and internecine battles going on at many places.

As every party is gearing up for the next elections, such incidents will not go well with the image of the party. Naidu might want and try to keep his house in order, but will he succeed?

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