Is Pak paragliding aerial threats?

Lata Jain

In the wake of security threat owing to paraglidders, hot air balloons, drones the central government is formulating a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP), finalizingA�a robust policy for flying such objects. This is to ensure a safe and terror free airspace in the country.

lata jain

Lata Jain

This is in wake of theA�five suspected parachutes seen in Maharashtraa��s airspace on Saturday wereA�remote or radio-controlled, reported a leading daily. The navy, army, intelligence and the Maharashtra police have A�been ordered to submit a report.

Meanwhile some cops in Mumbai say,A�proposal seeking regularization of drone flights and paragliding activities is pending with Centre since last year. We had sent a letter to the home department through the office of the Director General of police, in which we had asked the practice of flying drones and par gliders be regularized, as there needs to be some control on this. The letter also included draft rules for approval, and the proposal is currently under consideration,a�? said one of the senior officers.

The issue of devices like drones, par gliders and unmanned aerial devices (UAVs) has been an important one over the last couple of years, after intelligence inputs about such gadgets being used for terror strikes were received by central intelligence agencies and were passed on to the Mumbai Police says a senior officer at Mumbai airport.

The governmenta��s concerns on the security threat posed by para gliders is based, among other factors, on recent intelligence inputs that a Pakistani acquired two paragliders from Spain last year and took them to Pakistan. This had led agencies to suspect that a terror attack using par gliders was being planned. The IB is yet to gather more information on the Pakistani who purchased these para gliders.

Pakistani terrorists may use unmanned aerial vehicles to attack India this was revealed during interrogation of terrorists.

Intelligence agencies have led to the above conclusion after interrogating several terrorists including LeTa��s Syed Zabiuddin Ansari alias Abu Jundal, Indian Mujahideena��s Syed Ismael Afaque Lanka and Khalistani militant leader Jagtar Singh Tara.

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