Is Kodandram Dissipating His Energies?

Hyderabad: Political observes have been cautioning Prof M Kodandram not to dissipate his energies and goodwill by trying to address all the problems faced by the people. Noting that the former professor of Osmania University has been straining himself visiting many towns and addressing a number of meetings, they said he cannot make any mark by talking on all issues. He should, instead, concentrate on a couple of issues that are uppermost on the minds of the people and fight with all his might to resolve them.

Instead of criticising every policy of the government, the T-JAC should propose alternative policy framework. For instance, the farmers were given a raw deal and the suicides by farmers are continuing. The T-JAC should take up the issue and build a farmers’ movement. It should propose a new policy which will help the farmers fare better. Prof Kodandram can take up the neglect of primary health and primary education and build a popular movement on those issues. He should not be commenting on everything under the sun and promise to do something about everything. Otherwise, the T-JAC or its leader Prof Kodandram will not be taken seriously by the people.

‘T-JAC will continue to exist even if one of its members goes on to become chief minister,’ said Prof M Kodandram. Speaking at the meeting of the steering committee of the T-JAC here on Sunday, he said the scheduled protest planned here on December 29 against the proposed amendments to the Land Acquisition Act 2013 will be part of the movement the Telangana Joint Action Committee (T-JAC) would be launching to address the problems faced by the people.

Prof Kodandram has promised to undertake Yatra to study the impact of allowing private universities, protecting the educational institutions and ensuring employment opportunities. He would also be taking up field visits to check Mission Kakatiya works and the implementation of Mission Bhagiratha. He demanded that the State Government withdraw the Private Universities Bill. He also appealed to all political parties to discourage defections which have been on the increase.

Prof Kodandram said just as the patients go to another doctors if they are not properly treated by one doctor, the people also would look for alternative leadership if the present leadership failed to resolve problem.A�

He went on to list out the activities the T-JAC is going to undertake in the new year. Which means he would continue the desultory tinkering work that he has been doing so far. This has to be stopped immediately and a review has to be taken up if the professor has to be taken up. A change in the strategy is the need of the hour, opine the observers.

Dr Jayaprakash Narayana wanted more than ten years in politics and came a cropper for the same reason. He was commenting on everything and never took any issue to the logical conclusion. For his track record as an officer and activist JP should have connected himself with the people. He failed because he was at Hyderabad in the mining, in Delhi in the evening and left for the US the same night. Though Prof Kodandram is different in this aspect and has been confined to Telangana, he is yet to force the government to concede one demand or withdraw a measure which is seen as anti- people. He should remember the Dandi March by Gandhi. Though it was a symbolic gesture, Gandhi had concentrated all his energies on that single issue. That is the sure way to catch the imagination of the people, aver the political pundits.

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