Irrigation Expert Vidyasagar Rao No More

R Vidyasagar Rao, expert on river waters who worked for three decades with the Central Water Board breathed his last on Saturday. He has been a close confidant of KCR.

Hyderabad: Irrigation expert, retired Chief Engineer and Advisor to Telangana State Government R Vidyasagar Rao (78) passed away on Saturday. He was ailing with extensive metastatic bladder cancer and was admitted to hospital this week. He breathed his last at 11. 23 am, announced the doctors. He participated in Telangana movement actively and campaigned on the need of irrigation water to the State.

He is a very close confidant of Chief Minister K Chandrashekhar Rao (KCR). KCR personally visited him in the hospital the other day soon after returning from Delhi.

Vidyasagar Rao was put on a ventilator as his condition was critical at the Continental Hospitals. Vidyasagar Rao was born on 14 November 1939 at Jajireddy Gudem of Nalgonda district.He worked in the Central Water Commission for three decades. After retiring from Central Water Commission, Vidyasagar Rao played a crucial role in Telangana movement. After the formation of the State, KCR government appointed him as irrigation advisor. He was in the US for a few months last year undergoing treatment for cancer.

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