a�?Interviewa�� released online

  • Hackers threaten violence at theatres
  • North Korean govt. denies complicity
  • Obamaa��s suggestion to release in theatres goes unheeded

(Venkata Kondubhatla)

Washington, December 25: Controversies mostly hurt success, but in the case of the movie “The Interview,” the dust seems to have settled.

Starring James Franco and Seth Rogens, the movie, which is a satiric comedy based on the North Korean leader, Kim Jong-Un, produced by Sony Pictures Entertainment, has seen the light after Sony had mustered three major distributors – Youtube, Xbox and Google Play – to promote the movie online.

The film is now available, through the sources, for $5.99 on regular and $14.99 on HD versions. The movie came to foreground after Sony had been hacked and more than 50,000 files, including email conversations and movie scripts, had been stolen from the company’s computer systems.

The hackers also threatened violence against any thearter that played the movie.

The collected evidence of the hacking prompted towards the involvement of North Korea, but the Korean government soon condemned and challenged the U.S government to form a group with them to prove their crime. Some of the early findings of hacking suggested that the hacking resembled the same kind of hackings North Korea had performed in the past, according to the investigators. But the usual investigation takes two or three months of carefully analysing the details before coming to any conclusion, the officials said.

President Obama talking to the press from White House after the hacking said that he would urge Sony to release the movie and not to stop it under the threats.

Sony initially wanted to release the movie in only few theaters across the country, but, later, has cancelled the move, making some of the theater owners upset with the new trend of distributing online.

Now that the movie has seen the light, though in non-traditional ways, how the movie performs remains to be seen.

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