Insist For Debate In Parliament, Undavalli Tells Naidu

Former MP Undavalli Arun Kumar asked CM Naidu to hold debate on the post-bifurcation scenario in Parliament and not in AP. He promised his support if TDP takes up debate in Parliament.
Insist For Debate In Parliament, Undavalli Tells Naidu

Rajahmahendravaram: Former MP Undavalli Arun Kumar had asked Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu to take the debate on post-bifurcation scenario in Parliament. While extending his support, the former MP wanted the Chief Minister to see that Parliament debates the injustice done to the State in bifurcation, if his feelings of injustice were true and honest. He said people in the State have nothing in their hands either to correct or do justice to the State and advised the Chief Minister to initiate the debate in Parliament which had bifurcated the State.

Arun Kumar said that he too was feeling that injustice was done to the State in the name of bifurcation. He said he had challenged the bifurcation in the Supreme Court and has all the legal evidences to prove his claim. He offered to give his legal points if Chandrababu Naidu made his MPs to raise the issue in Parliament instead of speaking in AP for a week. He said that Chandrababu Naidu had been holding such discussions and debates in Andhra Pradesh for the past three years and could achieve nothing. He felt that the State would get its due share and the injustice could be corrected only if Parliament debated the issues.

While stating that Chandrababu Naidua��s TDP was part of the bifurcation as the TDP had given two letters in favour of bifurcation, the former MP wondered why the TDP chief was trying to escape from his responsibilities. He asserted that the TDP cannot escape from its role even in the post-bifurcation where the party had failed to get the Special Category Status as promised in the 2014 elections. He sought to advise the TDP chief to stop shedding crocodile tears on bifurcation to get political mileage as people are wise enough to understand the TDPa��s role in the bifurcation and the post-bifurcation.

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