Ink Attack On Sisodia:How Politics Turned Uglier

New Delhi: The tussle between Delhi’s Lieutenant Governor and AAP government has  become an unending saga. It has turned ugly once again when Dy. Chief Minister Manish Sisodia was attacked outside the Raj Bhavan with ink  while he was speaking to reporters on Monday. The incident occurred immediately after he met the Lieutenant Governor after returning from his controversial Finland tour.

Sisodia’s Finland tour ostensibly made to study the education system there became a matter of controversy with the Lieutenant Governor Najeeb Jung who asked him to return immediately to Delhi where an outbreak of chikungunya and dengue claimed several lives. Understandably the advise taken by the AAP circles with a pinch of salt, who hit back the Lieutenant Governor by alleging that he does not work and not even available to talk on weekends. Delhi’s law and justice minister Kapil Mishra who had gone to Jung’s office along with health minister Satyendar Jain on Saturday said, “”We went to Lt Governor’s office today since he sent an urgent fax last night to Manish Sisodia, but he wasn’t there as he doesn’t work on weekends. We called him too, he’s not working today and he doesn’t want to talk about work.”

In turn the LT governor’s office dismissed the allegation saying that AAP leaders didn’t inform about their visit and the L-G is operational on all days of the week, and charged them of trying to politicize the issue. Health minister also attacked Jung saying that he should call him, the health minister, not the dy. Chief minister. “Why can’t the L-G go with me to the hospitals to meet patients,” he questioned.

Behind the unending spat between L-G and AAP one can invariably suspect the Centre’s hand. Defense minister Manohar Parrikar somewhat uncharacteristically took a jibe at Delhi Chief Minister Aravind Kejriwal saying that his tongue had to be trimmed as it had grown long as he spoke against the Prime Minister and him. He was clearly referring a recent operation that Kejriwal has undergone at a Bangalore hospital. Heckling anything that related to one’s ailment is certainly point out the gutter level of political discourse. Perhaps no party including AAP can escape the blame.

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