Infighting In TBJP Exposed During Shah’s Visit

Kishan Reddy, who was active when the party was not in power, has suddenly become dull when the party is racing ahead with electoral victories. This attitude has become a topic of hot discussion among the BJP cadre.

Hyderabad:  Infighting in Bharatiya Janata Party State unit came to the fore during the visit of Party national president Amit Shah. Earlier there were only allegations or speculations about the disciplined party.

The absence of former BJP State president and legislature party leader Kishan Reddy during the first day of Shah’s tour spoke volumes about what is happening in the Party. While State president Lakshman and national secretary Muralidhar Rao accompanied Shah, Kishan Reddy was nowhere around. This has led to a debate about what is going on in the State unit. Already there are allegations that Lakshman and Kishan Reddy are maintaining separate groups.

There are also rumours as Lakshman is objecting to any programme taken up by Kishan Reddy; he is maintaining a distance from party programmes. That is the reason why Kishan Reddy was unenthusiastic during Amit Shah’s tour.

In fact, Kishan Reddy went to Teretpalli before Shah visited the place and spoke to party cadre. But when Shah finally arrived, Lakshman and Muralidhar Rao only accompanied him. They are the ones who are supervising Shah’s programmes. Reddy was not on the dais during meeting with cadre, he was absent from the Dalitwada programme.

With this, it has become clear that Telangana BJP is suffering from internal squabbles. In this context, there were speculations that Shah had spoken to Kishan Reddy and asked him to be active taking everyone along. Kishan Reddy refused to share the dais with Lakshman during a meeting with party cadre. Party sources said that Amit Shah asked why Kishan did not come on to the dais, though invited and strongly condemned his behaviour.

Amit Shah also told him that leaders should work with unity to achieve results.

Meanwhile, Kishan Reddy is not active these days. He was active when the party was not in power, but has suddenly become dull when the party is racing ahead with electoral victories across the country. This attitude is puzzling one and all.

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