Indo-Pak Tie Futile: Veterans

Hyderabad: Stating that Pakistan has been resorting to proxy war with India since its defeat in 1971, several speakers questioned the rationale of Indian government involving in talks with such a belligerent country.

Speaking at a seminar organized by Social Cause onA�a�?1965 & 1971 wars: How they shaped Indiaa��s security architecturea�?A�at Administrative Staff College of India (ASCI)A�on Sunday, they said with these two wars Pakistan had realized that it can never win a war against India, so resorting to proxy war.

Indian War Veterans Association secretary general and former Director of Centre for Land Warfare Studies, New Delhi Maj. Gen. Dhruv C. Katoch said in 1965 war the Indian army defeated Pakistan designs of occupying KashmirA�A�once for all and lifted high spirits of the countrymen. Expressing concern over failure of Indian Intelligence networks in providing advance inputs on Pakistana��s designs, Maj. Gen. Dhruv C. Katoch stressed the need to strengthen the network. He deplored that since Independence, India was neglecting its arms production and as a result it remained the largest arms importer in the world. Appreciating the initiatives being taken by present Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar towards self-sufficiency in defence production, he said, it would take a�?our defence preparednessa�? to a great forward.

While in all democratic countries a large number of army officials are present in Defence department, he said it is only in India not a single defence officer was present in the defence ministry. Stating that it was due to Nehrua��s policy of civil-army relations that was intended to destroy the army, he said that has been hampering our defence policies. Stating that hardly Parliament was debating defence budget in depth, he felt the need for detailed discussions on all policy issues.

Former Union Home Secretary K Padmanabhaiah, presiding over the seminar, said it was not two, but eight wars Pakistan imposed on us. They include proxy wars like militancy in Punjab, unrest in Kashmir and importing terror. For any Indian government, he said, dealing with Pakistan and unrest in Kashmir have remained as critical challenges. In spite of these wars, Pakistana��s behavior is not changed, he said.A�A�Jammu Kashmir is legally jointed in Indian Union and where is the question of discussing Jammu and Kashmir with Pakistan? Padmanabhaiah asked.A�There is no point in talking with Pakistan. Speaking about two books, 01. a�?Honour Redeemeda�? and 02. a�?Liberation Bangladesh-1971a�?, Padmanabhaiah said, though there were many books on Army, but these two books are different as these were authored by field commander.A�Pakistan is no doubt is an enemy country.A�A�No doubt, the greatest challenge in-front of any Indian Government is how to deal with Pakisthan and How to deal with J&K? Padmanabhaiah said

Stating that barring a few years, since independence Pakistan continuing some kind of war against India, he too felt how diplomatic relations or talks with that country makes difference. Stating that dealing with Pakistan is a very critical issue, he said that country has never shown any inkling for a peaceful existence, nor it is not wishful option to go out for a war.

He deplored that there are 100s of militant groups are working in India with the active support from Pakistan creating disturbances here. Nehru Yuva Kendra Sanghathan Vice Chairman Perala Chandrasekhar Rao said that since 1980 Pakistan has been continuing proxy war against India. Though our armed forces are making commendable victories against Pakistan army several times on several fronts, he deplored it is political leadershssip makes us fail. He asserted that the present political leadership in the country will provide all the necessary support to the army and also to ensure security of the country. organizer weekly editor Prafulla Ketkar said that India is failing in countering Pakistana��s narrative propaganda on various issues. For example, he said that till now we are treating Pak occupied area as `Pak Occupied Kashmira��, though not an inch of land part of Kashmir was part of it and the land actually was part of Ladakh and Jammu.

Likewise, he questioned the rationality of suggesting to discuss Kashmir issue with Pakistan, when the land is legally part of India, of which Jammu and Kashmir Assembly passed a resolution and the even the Assembly has no power to amend this resolution now. In the same way referring to question of human rights violations, he wondered why not no one raising the fate of Kashmir pundits,A�A�who are for the second generation unable to exercise their vote in Jammu and Kashmir. He deplored that we are not remembering our centuries of history where no where Indian heroes were defeated but registered numerous victories only. Stating that several universities in the world are studying the war tactics of Shivaji and other Indian heroes, he asked why we are not makes our people to remember them.

On the occasion, two books related to these wars a�?Honour Redeemed and other stories from the 1965 Indo-Pak wara�?A�andA�a�?Liberation of Bangladesh-1971a�?A�were released. Many veterans of 1971 war were felicitated.A�A�These two books were introduced by Rak Sudhakar Rao and Giridhar. Srinivasa, sales and marketing executive sang a song in praise of Soldiers–a�?Kantiki kuneke lekunda, kantiki reppluga kapadanga; desham kosam dehannichhe jawanu naa hereo, jai javanu naa heroa�?A�received much appreciation.A�

Some of the War Veterans, who were felicitated include Group Captain Dilipkumar Dass; Wing Commander Farokh Jehangir Mehta; Wing Commander Rajendra Singh Wahir; Captain Nagulapalli Narsing Raoji; Brigadier Madhurantakam Ravindranath; Rea Admiral Keki Pestonji, Lt Col. Virendra Kumar Kalia and Ari Commodre Par Kumarji and others.A�

Replying to the felicitation, Brigadier Madhurantakam Ravindranath said, Pakistan is a gone case.A�A�a�?We keep hearing PoK-Pakistan Occupied Kashmir, but, what about the COK-China Occupied Kashmir? China is going to be real threat in the long run, he felt.


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