Indigenous Assault Rifles Rejected By Army

The Indian Army rejected assault rifles made indigenously as they failed on multiple parameters. This is not the first time that these rifles are being rejected.

New Delhi:A�A�Shaking the confidence of people who believe in PM Modia��s a�?Make in India’ slogan, assault rifles made in Rifle factory in Ishapore, West Bengal, failed on multiple parameters. The Indigenous 7.62 x 51mm prototype assault rifles failed so badly that the Project Management Team of Defence Ministry said that,A�a�?at best the rifle is only a prototype and requires comprehensive design analysis and improvement.a�?

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Because of the poor quality of the rifles, the Indian army has rejected them for the second time in a row.A�”The gun had much to be desired, it is unsatisfactory and requires comprehensive design analysis, considerable improvement and success in internal evaluation before being even considered for trials at the infantry school in Mhow (Madhya Pradesh),” concluded the PMT in its report.

The indigenous assault rifles were meant to replace AK-47 and INSAS rifles, the basic weapons used by jawans.A� The two basic tests taken up by the army failed. A�According to Army sources, the a�?excessive flash and sound signaturea�? defeats the purpose and makes the gun indiscreet in combat.

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To grave disappointment, the new rifles tested this year failed to have a safety mechanism which needs easier loading and a�?complete redesigning of the magazinea�?. It was further explained that, an excessive number of faults and stoppages to the extent of more than twenty times the maximum permissible standards.

A high-level meeting will decide upon the procurement of assault rifles for the armed forces. The required specifications will be discussed by representatives of the Army, the Air Force, and the Navy, besides top officials of the Defence Ministry.

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