Indian Puts Oxford In Tight Spot

London: The world famous Oxford University found itself in an awkward position when a student of Indian origin Faiz Siddiqui filed a suit saying that he lost earnings due to a second class degree he was awarded. Faiz contended that his low scoring in the examinations was on account of ‘boring’ lectures by faculty.

The University authorities requested London High Court to dismiss the petition. But Justice Kerr had recently ruled that the University has a case to answer. Faiz studied modern history at Brasenose College at the University. He alleged that the faculty was negligent in teaching his special subject, Indian Imperial history. This was responsible for his getting a 2.1 score way back in 2000. Barrister Roger Mallakueu arguing for Faiz told the judge that four out of the seven teachers dealing with Asian history were on sabbatical at the same time during 1999-2000.

According to ‘The Sunday Times’, the barrister had singled out one David Washbrook whose lectures were ‘boring’.A� Washbrook was an expert on South Indian history. Faiz said he could have had very promising career as international commercial lawyer had he got a decent grade in his studies. He had to take up practice due to low marks he secured.

This is a peculiar case.A� A test case. If Faiz wins, universities world over will have to submit themselves to judicial scrutiny.

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