Indian IT Professionals Disappointed With Modi US Visit

The fact that the burning issue of H1-B Visa issue has not been discussed by Modi with Trump has disappeared the Indian IT professionals.

Washington: The Indian IT professionals are unhappy that the question bothering them most, the H1-B Visa issue, has not been discussed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi and US President Donald Trump when they met on Monday. When asked about it, Indian Foreign Secretary S Jaishankar said there was discussion among the business leaders and the two leaders about the digital partnership. He had nothing to say about discussion on H1-B Visa since it was not discussed. There was no mention of the Visa issue in the joint statement issued by Modi and Trump. The US administration earlier spoke of H1-B Visa abuses and tightened the visa regime in the name of reforms. The Indian IT professional were expecting Modi to take up the issue with Trump. A� More:A�Modi, Trump Appeal To Pakistan Not To Allow Its Territory To Launch Attacks On Others

Too Little Too Late

Despite the talk of chemistry between the two leaders and Modi’s hype that his ‘New India’ and Trump’s ‘Make America Great Again’ have met in a cordial bond. What was achieved was too little too late. The talk of fighting global terrorism has not been followed up by any concrete agreement. Even the designation of dreaded Syed SalahuddinA� of Hizbul Mujahideen as ‘global terrorist’ is late by at least 25 years. As one senior political observer put it is like shutting the stable after the horse has bolted. The US move would have been more useful and effective had it come before the wily terrorist had his outfit Hizbul turned into Pakistan’s catspaw in Kashmir. Now Salahuddin is not in command of the terrorists. The young Mujahideen are led by Zakir ‘Musa’ who has established links with alQaeda and a recently formed outfit called Kashmir Taliban. After Burbank Vani was eliminated by security forces in the Kashmir valley, Zakir was made divisional commander of Hizbul Mujahideen. BurhanA� Vani was killed in June last year. The scene in Kashmir has undergone a lot of change since then. The young boys and girls who are pelting stones on police and army are routing not just to azadi but to a Shariat-based Islamic regime. A�More:A�Hizbul Mujahiddin Chief Syed Salahuddin Designated As Global Terrorist

US President Donald Trump talks about the suicide by farmers and said the prime minister has to take note of it. Though Modi spoke only of his achievements at the Madison Square while speaking to India diaspora. He spoke of coating neem on urea but he did not mention the fact that a Muslim youth was lynched on a train in Haryana. It is customary to US presidents to refer to the human rights violations in the country of visiting dignitaries. A� More:A�Trump Picks Up Hindi For Modi

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    […] “…And I believe she has accepted,” Mr Trump said after PM Modi also extended an invitation to the President and his family to visit India.  More: Indian IT Professionals Disappointed With Modi US Visit […]

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